February 05, 2009

I love Bobbi Brown from now on

Oh my Freakin' Angel!!!! i'm in luv with bobbi brown..not just because i just bought one mini blush on coral color under that big Name! but..i just finish watched one of Style video about one minute make up from Oprah.com..

the lady who doing the make up in the video was a simple busy mother (according to her) and the moment timer is on, she straight away put his concealer and foundation with gel blush on and close the one minute wonder make up with mascara..and finish the video with one simple introduction sentence " i'm bobbi brown "

*keep watching the video*

and in the beginning of the video it's written
" one minute make up with bobbi brown "
i thought it's the make up sponsored by bobbi brown not the bobbi brown herself
( whom i always thought it's a he not she )

oh my..this is a very creative way to advertise her line. or i'm too stupid to think that bobbi brown is a guy instead of women?


watch This..i'm luvin' it!


  1. haiiii *me again - abis suka sih baca2 tutorial make up lo :P*

    gw uda ntn klipnya, keren yah....*btw gw jg pikir bobbi brown tuh cowo loh...abis charlie brown di snoopy kan cowo :D

    emang itu abis pake poundation ga perlu pake bedak lg ya?

  2. Gw sih memang kalo abis pake foundation ga pernah pake bedak lagi sih..kalo pun pake, yang transparant loose powder ( clarins- bagus en light banget ). Soalnya kalo pake bedak lagi..jadinya terlalu doll up :)


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