July 09, 2013

Mine and Moi Mr. skin care regime

Before some random sellers in Gmarket using my face to sell their products again, I need to clarify that..my skin today, is the result of the investment I made on my SK II purchased some years back and I've been re-purchasing SK II products ever since. 

Although, once a while I did try some other skin care for review purpose; and did stop stop using SK II for the first 3 months on my pregnancy due to my skin changes, I am glad to announce that I finally back to SK II for my skin regime.

And to answer one of the readers (Tantri's) question on is it worth to invest in SK II for the skincare?
I personally would say " BLOODY YES! " but it's all back to your skin. I know some of my friends tried SK II and didn't find it suitable for their skin, so do you purchase wisely. After all, this is not a cheap range to invest in - although definitely not the most expensive skin care as well.

I know it's been a while since I review about my personal skin care, and I finally writing it back again coz I am tired to answer people about what skin care I use and how to achieve the healthy skin.

First of all: I don't have a perfect skin. 
I have hyper pigmentation, some milia seeds and little fat lump around my eyes, sometimes dark circle and definitely big eye bag. But I also have a smooth, fair complexion that I am proud of.

And apart from using skin care, I drink a lot of water daily, I take a lot of fruits, and almost never skip my daily fish oil intake. So definitely taking care of your skin from inside does count as well. I won't be discussing about hormonal thingy that cause breakouts on the skin - because I am no expert in it and I haven't do my research on this topic. :D

So yeah, back to my skin care routine - about SK II. 
* Btw, this post is not sponsored, okie?* 
I am just a normal SK II user that want to share the Yay and Nay about things I use.

and also, I will be sharing about my Mr. skincare range as well. :P


This is how my bathroom wall cabinet look like:
You definitely know which one is mine :P

This is pretty much what I use regularly:
Bed head hair styling product (shine spray and the thickening paste)
Dry shampoo
Kiehl's deep pore cleansing
SK II skincare series
Decleor cleansing

On daily basis, here are my heroes!

For the skin regime: it's SK II.
I can't wait to finished up my SK II skin signature and cellumination essence and tried out their new product ^^

I normally apply the SK II facial treatment essence + Skin signature in the morning, and 
treatment essence + cellumination + skin signature + SK II advance eye treatment at night. 
So far, it works wonder on my skin, especially in the morning when I wakes up and found my skin glowing radiantly and almost poreless. 

Ok, enough! I sounds like the brand ambassador already - and I hope people stop asking me on what skincare I use and start reading this post :P

Next, my Mr. skincare!

This is funny, before I was an active beauty blogger in Singapore and Indonesia blogsphere - all he applied on his face was a shaving lotion and toner I guess. 
But look at this now:

Mr. currently using Biotherm Homme for his moisturiser, Kiehl's Oil free toner which work so awesomely on his oily combination skin, Kiehl's midnight recovery concentrate and Midnight recovery eye cream ( I used Kiehl's midnight series during the 1st 3 month during my pregnancy; super loveeeeeee the smells and the texture is my skin best friend on the rough first 3 months)

Oh btw, if you have oily combination skin - you need to try Kiehl's Oil-free series.
My Mr.'s face could be damn oily whenever we are in humid weather like Sg, and Bangkok. 
 He first tried it during our holiday in Bangkok last month; and man oh man..Kiehl's oil -free series did control  oil produce in his skin without drying them up.
 So, definitely a must buy for the oily combination skin.

..and before I end this post, I know this is random..Gals - if your boyfriend or hubby is looking for the shaving foam/gel - get them L'occitan shaving gel as photo below.
It smells bloody good! - and it creates the kissing session atmosphere even better! :P

'Till later!
   photo signature-lips.png


  1. say tuh produk banyak banget...

    1. he eh nih, padahal muka cuma sebiji yah!

  2. untuk pemula yg baru kenal SK-II harus pakai yg mana aja, El :))

    1. Coba miracle waternya dulu aja ngel, kl lu cocok di situ..biasanya yang laennya juga cocok.

      Gw awalnya pake whitenning series mereka, tapi jadi putih ajeeee muka gw..abis itu gw setop yg whitenning series en pake yg skin signature, en gw rasa lebih cocok.

      Jadi mendingan ke counternya cek dulu, trus minta sample..hahahaha..sebelun purchase :)

  3. El,
    dry shampoo ada yg jual online ngga ya?(yg bisa kirim ke jpn).. Klo seandainya tau tolon gw dikasih tau hehehe. Gw nyari2 di jpn dapetnya cair semua & kaya alkohol, pdhl dilabelin dry shampoo.
    Anyway gw blum bilang congratsss buat award yg kemaren hehehe.

    1. Makaasih! :)

      Btw, dry shampoo gw belinya di Thailand Nge, merek Boots..coba liat di oninenya ada jual ga yah mereka utk di ship ke jepun :)

  4. gue adalah salah satu orang yang gak cocok pake SK II. Pernah beli serumnya kulit gw malah jadi merah kayak kepiting terus ngelupas. Now back to Clinique :)
    Dulu wkt di Aussie pernah beli produk n gak cocok bisa refund loh, di Sg bs gak?
    kl jkt mah jgn ditanya, pasti gak bisa.

    1. Huahahha..kaga bisa! di sg, duit yg sudah masuk ke mereka...suliiiiid luar biasa untuk ditarik kembali. hahaha ga se OZ ato NZ customer protectionnya. T_T

  5. WOW! thank you for answering my question hihihi :D
    gw juga uda baca tip and trip beli product SK II yang ga murah ituu..
    jadi minta sampel dulu yaa biar kalau emang ga cocok kayak Mel ga terlalu nyesek jugaa..

    again, muchos gracias! :D

    1. Iyooo..dulu gw malah pergi beli samplenya loh..y botol2 kecil gitu..cobain dulu. :P

      Mehong sih ya kalo beli langsung semua.

  6. Tanya! Tanya! *tunjuk tangan*
    1. SK 2 tuh emang bau gitu yah El? Gue pernah beli sample nya gitu online buat si facial treatment essence. dan gue merasa bau. Gue pake sekali lumayan ngaruh lah tapi ttp aja gak wonder gitu. Apa mesti pake the whole series? Lo punya lobang ga utk beli yg murah?
    Trus kalo maw minta sample nggak pai se gitu? Mintanya lsg ke counter SK2?

    2. Laki itu emang harus pake skin care juga yah? Gimana cara ngasih tau nya? Cowo gue udah gue beliin aja gak maw pake, katanya nggak betah. Muka dia mayan minyakan dan pori2nya gede.

    Makasih yah El, maaf merepotkan (not) hahaha

  7. Congratulations on your win!

  8. nggak merhatiin lu ada milium juga ci. haha.. gw agak sidetrack sii.. haha.. gw ada muncul 1 milia 2 bln lalu.. dan tiba2 kmrn pas gw ngaca udah ilang loo.. ga paham knp bs bgtu.. hoho.. tp bagus lahh dia hilang sendiri. haha..

  9. wah thank you reviewnya
    Gw juga dulu pengen nyoba SK II tapi masi pikir2 karna harganya mayan mahal dann.. sebenernya gw gak ada problem dengan kulit gw. Kulit gw saat ini fine2 aja n hampir ga ada keluhan jadi gw bingung klo beli skincare, hasilnya kliatan gak yah?

    Tapi gw ngincar yg buat suami gw tuh, Kiehl oily free ama Shaving cream nya Loccitane. Kulit dia aga minyakan n kadang jrawat juga mampir. Thanks ya


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