July 19, 2013

New in Town: SK II Stempower series

Holla SK II lovers and SK II lovers to be!
If you have not know that SK II launched the Stempower essence, here are a little info for you who considered to have a poreless bouncy skin in just 2 weeks!

As you guys know, this year will be my last year of my twenties and soon..
I'll be on my big THREE - O. I know life begins in 30.. and I'm looking forward for a new exciting journey of the big 3-0 could offer for me. On the down turn, my skin age accordingly and the unforgiving signs of skin ageing surface more evidently, causing my skin to lose its firmness, my pores to enlarge and fine lines to appear.

I haven't use this product yet, but soon after my cellumination essence is finish, I'm so gonna get myself this series. Can't wait!

It's Tried, tested and proven, the new STEMPOWER Essence is able to provide:
- Smoother skin texture and less visible pores immediately after one application
- Poreless-looking bouncy skin with significant increase in Poreless Bouncy Index after two weeks of usage.

Is that true? I don't know yet! I'll update you guys when I already start using this series.
But I have faith in SK II, my trusted skincare so far - and surprisingly everytime I write about SK II, I received many emails, comments, Facebook message about this brand, and I again: 
" yes ladies, I am an SK II user and if you like my skin - as you guys keep complimenting me on - it's also because of SK II "

 And also,
When used together with the SK-II STEMPOWER, the dynamic duo is able to provide:
Almost 200% increase in penetration of skin active ingredients than just the STEMPOWER alone
Almost 200% increase in hydration levels in skin as compared to using the STEMPOWER alone

 Omg! anyway..get yourself this series to proof it yourself :)
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  1. elo udah cocok loh jadi duta sk2 tinggal pake dress merah uhuiiii pasti cantik dan glowing deh!

    gw malah baru beli cellumination essence 75ml nih gantiin whitening spots specialist anjrit mahalnya hahaha sampe gak rela pas mau gesek cc :D

    tapi gw pake sk sejak 2006 agustust so far puas dan gak bakalan ganti apalagi gw udah 33 tahun ini hahaha...bentar lagi gw mau beli stemp power gantiin whitening source derm brightener hehehe


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