July 08, 2013

Woohoooo!! Vanity Trove - Discover...


Thank Goodness Vanity Trove, a surprise box concept evolving into something more than getting a surprise every month for the items you LOVE but as well something that is not suitable for you!

Are you with me?

I do feel you too, I am excited and always looking forward for the trove every month, but yes! there are certain months that I am disappointed to received the items that I totally not suitable in using it.

But listen up, it is such a EXCITING news for me when Vanity Trove team and CEO sat down with me and shared up the idea of getting this awesome personalized trove to your door steps!

I am letting you see how the next trove going to be - don't come to me and say that I never share a secret , ok?

See the elegant, and lady like packaging? I am loving it.

Me :)
Last Tuesday, me and many beauty bloggers was invited for the soft launch of this amazing concept and you could join us really really soon!!

Apart from the surprised beauty box, Vanity Trove is a premier beauty discovery platform - a plaform where you could discover the beauty and share it with many beauty lovers all around the countries.

This is my profile in Vanity Trove, as you know I am so coping with the latest trend of beauty - as well the yay or the nay of certain product. So, instead of waiting for me to post it up in blog (which usually takes longer) I will do my review, my picks or my wish list (*crossing my finger* that I entitled to win it) in this platform. It's fun, it's useful and it's cater to my preference.

Take a look on FACE, EYES, BODY, and HAIR tab on the top of my profile..my profile is specifically mine, and from JULY onwards..if you subscribe to Vanity Trove - you can PICK YOUR OWN items inside your trove.

This is where I think excites me the most, If i were to pay certain $$ to get something..I want to make sure it's worth it, it's something useful and something that I know I will use it.

Vanity Trove understand that and make it more personal for you and me.

Once you filled up your beauty profile, you will be directed to a page where you can pick YOUR OWN items to put in your personalised trove.

Believe me, It's exciting and you will want soooooo many things from the list! haha!
I thought it will be as simple as click 1, 2, and 3..but man, I am..confused and want it all.

Do you wanna know what I pick for my next personalised trove?
Stay tuned with me for the fun experience of the new VANITY TROVE.

Make sure you stay tuned ok!

2 years in a row! YAY YAY YAY! 

Thank you for those who voted for me. I love u.
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