July 12, 2013

Ou Yeah! My 1st personalised Vanity Trove

Nothing beats the pleasure of having things my way!
Including personalising my very OWN Trove that I share with you gals earlier on THIS post.

I bet start from July onward, you guys won't be bored seeing tons of beauty bloggers reviewing the same products over and over again about Vanity monthly trove..cause it will be different, and now I'm showing yours what is my picks for the month of July :)

I love how I can pick my preferred products that suits my taste and my needs, and also I like how I can get the size of products that I think is useful for my traveling.I hate sachet sample and I found it cheapo for the company to give the sachet as tester product, I mean how many times can you tried out the product inside the sachet before knowing it's good or bad enough for the skin,

But " Bleh " no more, cause it's in your control.
Like how I am in control to pick mine :)
*control freak hor?*

Ah anyway, here are my July pick in a glance..

Burberry tense perfume in sample size
Burberry Sport perfume body lotion in travelling size
Touch in SOL make up boomer in sample size

Cottage Garden hand cream in full size

Physiogel and Cetaphil cleanser in traveling size.

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