July 21, 2013

KIEHL'S GIVES with ELLE + 4 Socially Responsible Celebrity Partners

You know, this is weird..I've been trying to write about today's event..and in fact, I've been looking at the picture for more than 10 mins and looking at the press release while wondering what should I write and tell people about today's event. It's pretty clear from the title itself, and if you follow my instagram - you guys know that I attended this event. But I would like to share with you that today is more than just a beauty event I attended - It's about supporting and raising awareness to create safer, more positive environments for children with Autism.

Could you, together with me support Autism awareness?

By purchasing this special edition designs of Rare Earth Masques from 1 July 2013 at $45 each.

Kiehl's together with Autism Association Singapore will donate 100% of the nett proceeds from the sale of this pretty Limited Edition of my favourite mask to raise awareness for the children.

George Young ( this guy is super friendly and sooo..bloody good looking!), Mike Kasem and Jean Danker was around to support this awareness, it's just too bad that Michelle Chong couldn't make it for today's event. I feel George Young is really sweet and very and I mean, VERY affectionate about this awareness - He told us that his 2 brothers have been diagnosed with autism and he does hope that this products sell really well to support the Autism association in Singapore. So people, please join us in supporting Kiehl's in giving back to the community.

And also, today I am very happy to meet with ELLE's team and seeing them collaborating with Kiehl's for their annual charity project on their 20th birthday. I am a proud ELLE reader. And oh, happy birthday ELLE Magazine!

And also, for the Kiehl's team..what you do here for the children with Autism awereness is awesome.
I really hope people support this charity programme. :)

Again, please support them people!
As quoted by Sharon Lim - Editor In chief of ELLE
" We hope people give generously. I can't think of a better way to look good and do good "
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  1. Babeee I love your red lip! Sexy looking mama ;)


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