July 16, 2013

Ou Yes! Different year - Same title!

Wollaaa..I'm finally blogging about the almost 2 weeks ago Singapore Blog Awards 2013 Final!
credit: SBA facebook
I knoooow..it's totally late! I've been busy with baby stuff and been travelling back to Jakarta to do shopping for baby stuff. It's pretty much 1/2 of the price in Singapore, and we got a cheap return flight by Tiger air - So off to home we went.

And before I am showing a little photos of me keep holding the awards in my hand, I just want to 
thank all of you 
that voted for me again this year, supporting me all this while, and keep reading my blog.

and especially to my Mr. - The man behind the scene - 
Thank you for supporting me in all the way.
*Btw, I look damn messy on that day*

Me and Mr. arrived late, and when I entered Shanghai Dolly..I have to rushed in because somebody told me that I need to be inside like NOW!! I was like..ha? oh ok! I almost run with my 6 months preggie belly rushing in to where the event at - thank God I still remember I am pregnant.

At the moment I stepped in to the event area, I saw the MC is announcing the Best Beauty Blog category start by naming all the finalist, then mentioned my name as one of the WINNER. That happened too fast and I am still stood there and thinking that good things can't be happening twice - but hell YES! I made it again!

I'm happy that this year I (again) won Singapore Best Beauty Blog 2013 together with Karen and Elaine.

It's another year of fun and another year of awesome exposure for me and my lovely blog
 " Pinkbuble In Da House "

During the interview for Omy.sg, they asked me on:
How I feel to win Singapore Blog Award in Best beauty Blog category for the second time?

To be honest, I seriously didn't expect that I will have the title again for the second time, but the best of all - I had fun this year in making friends and being a part of Singapore Beauty Blogsphere. And even, when one day I move out to another country - my blogging life in Singapore is definitely one of the things that I will miss so much.

Second of all, they asked me:
What do I think of things that makes a good beauty blogger?

I would say being yourself and always be honest about what you write is important. 
People that read your blog would like to know the genuine review that maybe magazine or advertisement didn't give them. So even it is a paid advertorial about products - still be honest! If you don't like the product and if it's not a good product, don't write it as if it's the best product you ever found just because you get paid. Tell the advertiser the truth - if they don't like it..just withdraw the contract, if they respect your opinion - that will be the win - win solution. 

Oh yes I know, when $$ is involved things are slightly hard to negotiate.
But hey, if you want to be a trusted beauty blogger by your readers and future awesome advertiser, you need to let them know that your opinion is yours and can't be bought.

Here are the winners from Singapore Blog Awards 2013

Few photos to enjoy before I am ending this post :)

Last but not least..I am grateful for the whole journey ..this means a lot to me, being a beauty blogger is a common thing - but being recognised as consecutive 2 years award winning beauty blogger makes me beyond happy and grateful, and this isn't about me only, this is also about all of you that join the beauty journey with me. And as promised, I will be sharing my prize to the lucky you!

Stay tuned for my Winning - Giveaway!

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  1. Super Like!! :D Congratss El!! *mulai ikutin tutorial ahhh heheheheh malu neh punya anak cewe ga bisa makeup :p

  2. Congratulations Elrica. So happy to hear that you have won.

  3. I just found your blog recently and I really loovee to read your posts <3
    Anyway, congrats for winning the awards <3 You really deserve it~ hehe


    1. Hello pretty!

      Thank u for dropping by my blog :)
      and i've visited ur blog too..damn kawaii!! <3

  4. congratzzzzz... semoga tahun depan menang lagi yah :)

    1. haahha..taon depan rasanya sayah dah sibuk dengan baby ^^

  5. Congratulations! Hebat 2 years in a row!

  6. Wow... menang lagi!!!! Congrats. Ga kebayang rasanya, pasti hepi banget :D

    1. Ho oh! rada ga nyangka aja sih ini ^^

  7. Congratsss El! hadiahnya apaa??

    1. Barang2 Panasonic en contract sama panasonic buat 6 bulan nih. ^^

    2. waduhhh mantab juga ya hadiahnya :D :D lumayan banged

  8. Congrats El! you deserve it *smooch* :)

  9. Wow!! You're super awesome El!!!
    Honestly, I started to think to seriously taking care of my skin after reading your blog (and the fact I'm getting married lah) but seriously you're awesome!
    Stay pretty inside out, sweetieee!

    1. Cihui! senang bisa berbagi tips dengan anda..:D *apaaa seh?


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