March 30, 2013

My Journey with Kose Infinity - part 2

Olla everybody! 
Just a quick update on my 2nd week journey with KOSE Infinity XX during your Easter break :P

It's been 2 weeks since I stop my usual skincare and go for this Infinity KOSE XX campaign for a brighter and clearer skin. If you do have a dry skin like mine, in the first 2-3 days using the KOSE Infinity Lotion and Serum, you will find your skin in drier and rougher condition than it normally is.

This is what I do, put less Lotion on it and double up the Serum to keep our dry skin hydrated.
The Serum work nicely to keep your skin hydrated all morning and night. I use this in the morning and especially at night, I use the Serum generously.
 photo 4ED4FEA1-7FCA-4B26-9728-E92171ACA601-2947-000002FD5CB562AB_zps914bedf9.jpg

This simple routine for me is pretty effortless and not time consuming.
Get a cotton pad to spread the KOSE Infinity Lotion all over the face, then pump KOSE Infinity Serum generously with your finger and apply it on your skin in circular motion.
 photo B818EE1A-AED5-48C9-B7A7-4214856AE303-2947-000002FDACAC1271_zpse24f2a10.jpg
So far so good, and do stay tuned with me for the part 3 Update on my journey to get a brighter and cleare skin with KOSE INFINITY series.

 photo 9E667A9C-618E-46DD-8ACF-10E3D41B6DED-2947-000002FD6495F8EE_zps2df885a1.jpg

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