March 15, 2013

My Journey with Kose Infinity - part 1

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Olla ladies (and gentlemen)!
I am inviting you to join my journey with KOSE for a brighter and clearer skin in their new INFINITY KOSE Realizing white Lotion XX and Serum XX series, which is the new addition to the original INFINITY Realizing White XX. 

Thanks to Alvin from
me and the other bloggers below (minus Ju-Ann in the photo) got a chance to try out this exciting products.

So, for this one month..I will stop using my current skin care and try out the effectiveness of this new 3 products together. I am excited and really looking forward for the active ingredients that will penetrates deep and locked in into my skin, eradicating even the toughest blemishes from the root.

This series is using Koji Acid; an approved whitening ingredients by Japanese health and labor ministry.

You guys know I have problem with pigmentation right? although I have a fair skin, I am always longing for a fresh and clearer skin - it's like I never get enough hor..- Can't help it lah, I am vain. 

These whole regime starts with:

INFINITY KOSE Realizing White Lotion XX 

It is a whitening lotion that helps delivers whitening ingredients to all corners of skin and saturates it with moisture, giving skin a translucent glow. 


INFINITY KOSE Realizing White Serum XX 

This one is the whitening emulsion that delivers Kojic Acid to the skin, locks the whitening ingredients within the skin for effective brightening action. 

Not a part of the skin care regime but equally important, it's the:

INFINITY KOSE Deep Protection UV

Revolutionary emulsion-like sunscreen that offers PA++++, one of the first in the world to offer the highest level of UVA protection, and SPF 50+, offers the highest available UVB protection. 

Oh Btw, you can check out KOSE Singapore facebook page and with you facebook acount, you would just need to ‘like’ KOSE FB page, register through the app, share with 10 friends and and select your favourite location to pick up the miniatures to try out the product. 
There are 1,000 INFINITY KOSE  Deep Protection UV to give away.

Awesome right? So go and get it now :))

Also, stay tuned with me for the update of my journey in getting a brighter and clearer skin with 
Kose Infinity.

INFINITY KOSÉ New Launch Promotion (Until 30 April 2013)
Enjoy exclusive 10% Introductory Discount:
• Deep Protection UV at $49 (retail: $54)
• Realizing White Lotion XX at $99 (retail: $110)
• Realizing White Serum XX at $99 (retail: $110)

Purchase INFINITY KOSÉ Realizing White XX at retail price $148 and enjoy any 2 newly launched INFINITY KOSÉ products at 15% off.

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  1. Elrica, you are beautiful & charming as always... Like your make up very much...


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