March 09, 2013

" Coco " My new love!

Nope! It's not Chanel..although the name are taken from there..
It's a 3 months old Wolf Sable Pomeranian puppies that joined our family back in Jakarta.

I get him as a present for my Mom's birthday, and she fell in love with this little cutie on the very first week itself. My dad too! He is usually not a dog person, but Mom said that he is been connecting really well with this youngest member in our family.

Really such a cutie and a smart one. 
Enjoy the cuteness!


  1. oh my goshhhh.....
    soooooooooo cuuuteeeeeee.... =)

  2. lucu banget! kayak boneka :D

  3. aiiih... lucu banget El. kecil2 menggemaskan.

  4. oh mo mooooo, he's super duper cute! me likey!!!

  5. ah ini doggie na kek yang di kost lama g, yang suka main2 dan g culik masuk kamar g, unyuuuu suka wakakakakak :)


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