March 21, 2013

Glamorous doll tutorial with Sasa

Olla ladies, I am back this week with Glamorous doll tutorial with Sasa.
I know, many of you channeling glamorous look with red hot lipstick and a va va voom lashes to go along with, I am on the same boat with you on this. 

But for this tutorial, I would like to share that actually an earthy shades and pinkish nude lipstick could create a Glamorous look too! 

Especially for you who think that " red lipstick is not for me ", take a look on my tutorial here :) 
Who knows this is a kind of glamorous look that you've been looking for?


This tutorial is a part of  
Tampines 1 make me over beauty blogger challenge 
that has been going on for the last one week

The voting still using Instagram @tampines1, do vote for me, yes?
I was second to the lowest one leh..damn sad. T_T 
The other finalist, like I told you are supaaaa check them up at  Tampines 1 Blog ok?

So, shall we start the tutorial with a clean and moisturized face?

For this look, before anything else..I start with my eyebrow first.
Why eyebrow? because to draw eyebrow as a start, it could be a gauge on how you strong you want the whole look to be.

Cyber color: $15.90
ou know what is so awesome about this Cyber color, it has NO red hue at all on the brown colour.
I hate those brown eyebrow pencil that comes with a red/orange hue on it.

I'll go for a soft archy brow for this look.

*And one point to note when you draw your eyebrow is to have your ending point higher than your starting point near to your nose bridge.*

Next step: Curl your lashes :)
This completely optional whether u wanna do this first or later, I love to do it cause it open up my eyes and somehow makes my eyes more awake :)

Using my favourite mascara ever! Maybelline!!

Apply at least 2-3 coat to get a prominent lashes, and do zig zag motion to lengthen the lashes.

Next, I will start prep up my face with Revlon Photo ready foundation ($31.40)

I love applying foundation with foundation brush to get a smooth and even coverage all over the face.
Don't go dot the foundation all over the face and even it out..but complete each face section before going on to the next one.

And set it with Revlon Photoready powder ($30.90)

After prep-ing your face with the foundation and set it with powder, 
get a pinkish/peachy blush tone. 
Maybelline blush $12.90

and apply it on your cheek hollow towards the temple, keep the apple of the cheek clean.
This trick work as contouring as well :)
Double function in one go!

For the eye, I use The Balm- nude collection $59.90

1. Take " seductive " color to contour the eye socket.

And blend it until it just a shadowy looking.

2. Take " Sassy "  color

and blend it all over the eyelid.

3. Take Revlon colourstay eyeliner ($15.90)

Gently frame your eyes.

And extend the lower eyeliner wider than our eyes.

4. Take " sleek " colour.

And apply it on the outer half of our eyes.

Blend it with blending brush

Until you get the below result.

5: Take " sexy " color.

Apply it on the centre of your eyelid.

..again, blend it well.
Blend, blend and blend.

6. Get your Maybelline Hyper gloss liquid liner ready ($13.90)

Frame the upper lid with this solid black eyeliner.

I love creating a higher Arch of my upper liner to get this look.

7. Ardell Faux lashes time ($9.00)
Apply it really close to your real lashes..and hold it for a few second before letting it go.

Nice right??

8. Do shading on your nose to get that ang moh sharp nose. :P
Take " sleek " colour from The balm nude collection, with then blending brush..slowly contour your nose bridge :)

9. Take Pupa lipstick ($38)
I really really love this lipstick, OMG!
Usually I have to combine 2 colour of lipstick to get this colour, but now..i can just apply it.

10. Last step! Get yourself this Japanese makemania curvy Lip silicon ($21.90)
I found this texture is a bit unique, because they gives you that wax silicon looking finishing.

And a different kind from lip gloss.


Just apply this all over your lips, and you are about to get that Oomph lip in a jiffy!
Be careful if you do have a thick lips, you just don't wanna end up having Nicky Minaj lips with this.

...and you are DONE!

Please welcome, my glamorous doll look sponsored by SASA.

You can get all the make up items shown in this post at SASA Tampines 1 and I really hope you like my tutorial and do vote for me at Tampines 1 Instagram @tampines1.

*bow 90'* 
Thank you very much.

One more post for you :P

'Till next week!!

And oh, the before and after :)

Happy trying all :)


  1. Beautiful and helpful tutorial Elrica, btw you look absolutely gorgeous.

  2. great tutorial.. love this look.. I think I need the balm palette in my life :)
    xxx Marina

    beautiful me plus you by Marina Bergmann

  3. very seductive.... love love love!

  4. the balm palette look so cute :)

    as always you look gorgeous!! kalo ngeliat tutorialnya kayanya gampang tp begitu praktek ampun deh susahnya...

  5. OMG ... cantik sekali El . saya suka sekali .. krn warna2 netral cocok dipake sehari2 ...

  6. super pretty ce.. mau coba eye makeup ky gituu..
    lip glossnya jg bgaus ya, bkin kliatan lebih full..
    good luck ce :D


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