March 10, 2013

Bubbly Brush project with Nino Yap

So, exactly last and my friend (that also a VERY talented fashion photographer) - Nino Yap, collaborated in creating the look you guys going to see below here..

It was super fun, pretty challenging and the best of all, we nailed it!

It was a cold and windy night when we had this shoot, but I really admire the professionalism of the model.
She was on bikini, going down to the cold jacuzzi ..NO complain, and we finished the shoot in about an hour time. Perfect.

Do check out Nino's awesome work at:

Enjoy our artwork! And I know it's without any watermark..but please, don't take and use this photos without our permission. ^^


  1. waaaa... cakep2 ya warnanya. suka deh sama foto yg ketiga. warnanya sama ga sama yg pertama?

  2. Sama ^^

    Yang beda cuma yang biru aja..:)

  3. OMG!!!!! Elo temennya Nino jugaaaaaa???? Aaaahh....... Gw juga temenan banget sama diiaaaaa!!! Aaaaaa!!! Mutual friends!!!! Iya fotonya dia bagus2 buanget ya el yaaaaa...... Gw liat tu foto itu di instagram dia. Tnyt elo yang make up ya?? Good job, el!!


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