March 26, 2013

Tatty Marsh - a place where I feel closer to home

So, last friday..among all the event invitations I received..i went to the hidden gems place, located at Tanglin Mall level 2 - Tatty Marsh. 

I told Haren, the organizer of this event from Street Directory, that I get bored with the typical product launches and the normal with ta-daaa moment kind of fact, I am longing for a more intimate, personal kind of event where i feel comfortable mingling around, enjoying the atmosphere and a kind that Tatty Marsh had for us last Friday. 

The place, is a homey feeling ambience. You are weird, if you don't feel like home at Tatty Marsh. The way Victoria - the owner, designed and decorate the shop with vintage british accent in every corner. 

Whether you are a fans of Cath Kidston- which I am..or you are a more to old classic and masculine taste, Tatty Marsh has it all for u (and your partner).I fancy Cath Kidston corner very much, and they even have the baby clothing in one corner. Oh my..I so want that one..uber cute and very britz.

It's really a lot of cool stuff over there, for more updates on the new check out Tatty Marsh facebook :)

And oh, I won the Tatty marsh online contest :)

They asked us to describe Tatty Marsh and I said 

I would describe Tatty Marsh as a shopping place where you feel homey the most. 
I am fans of British and vintage culture, cause it's bring the warmth in me as I am away from my home, and Tatty Marsh is just the place.
Vintage warm with a homey British that bring warmth in me."

and this is a little something from Tatty Marsh for me. Love it max.

I think this place is good to find a gift for a house warming, birthday or even a little decoration changes in our very own home. 

 photo A7C17233-DEE1-4774-AF8C-84303DE8CAD7-1981-000002E680553A41_zps74af8813.jpg

So, do remember Tatty Marsh whenever you are looking for the present or ever think to change your house decoration, ok?


  1. Used to love this blog.
    But nowadays, this blog is full with ads which is no fun anymore.
    iklan lagi iklan lagi.....

    1. Thank u for reading my blog before and thanks for the honest comment..i appreciate your thought that you think that this blog is no fun anymore :)
      And just so u know, this is not an Ads..this is an event that i attended, which a part of my life now. Sorry if my life is not a fun thing for you to read anymore. :)

  2. Hi babe,

    Please check your email! Thanks a lot and have a good day :)



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