March 14, 2013

Porcelain doll make up tutorial with Etude

I'm back with another tutorial!

And just in case you have not already know, I am one of 6 finalist for 

Tampines 1 make me over beauty blogger challenge :)

Yay! yay!

Am happy to be a part of this journey with the other 5 finalist :)
They are really gorgeous! Check them out at Tampines 1 Blog.

So, oh btw..for my international friends and readers, Tampines 1 is a mall name in Singapore, and they are having this 3 weeks contest where we are supposed to create 3 different theme with 3 different sponsors and post it up in our blog. So expect one tutorial on each week from me :)

And before I start this..I am hoping to get your vote as well :)
The voting will be through instagram, please follow @tampines1 to vote for my photos and follow me too @eldiona - thank you very much - if you would like to see me capturing my beauty stuff and more.
Enough with the introduction, and let's jump to the tutorial part :)

Week 1 challenge: Porcelain Doll look
Sponsored by the lovely and one of my favourite brand, ETUDE.

For this look, I am inspired by Korean Etude model, Song Hye Kyo :)
I think she has that gorgeous and glowing porcelain skin and I really admire her look below.
So I'm creating the porcelain doll look with this as the inspiration and i add on a little twist of putting a dramatic faux lashes, blue color lens, lower lashes and a pinkish round blushes that inspired from a typical doll.

- wish me all the luck - 

Btw, not in anyway, I am comparing myself with her, ok?
Far..far... and beyond there is no way I could look like her, but I am very inspired by her.
Full stop here. 

-Video tutorial available at the bottom of this post, for now, I am going to introduce to you the Etude products that helps me in getting this look! You are gonna love it! It's affordable and gorgeous. -

I started the look with my bare face and blue contact lens.

 and prime up my face with Etude Aura Nymph Boosting primer ($24.90)

You should get this! 
this primer works magic if you want to achieve the flawless Korean porcelain skin, it's like the moment I applied it on, my face seems brighter with even skin tone. 

Me gusta..the light texture..

Etude BB Cream 
Precious mineral sun BB cream in natural beige ($36.90)

If you are staying in a humid country like me, here in Singapore.
Or you sweat a lot..get this one ;)

Apart from the awesome spf 50 to protect your skin during the day, this BB cream stays up the whole day on my skin. So if you are looking for a long lasting BB cream with a good coverage, get this one.

Etude easy brow pencil #01 ($5.90)

Etude drawing show creamy pencil ($12.90)

Etude LUCIDarling Fantastic Gradation Eyes ($24.90)

Etude Show gel eyeliner ($18.90)

Etude faux lashes ($5.90)

Etude Golden Ratio Contour maker ($24.90)

This is now my favourite product.
It has contour powder, blusher and highlighter altogether.
You pretty much save a lot of money by just buying 1 of this.
Instead of 1 blusher, 1 contour powder and 1 powder highlighter.
Love this!

Etude Dear My Milky gloss ($12.90)

So yeah, this is overall on the ETUDE product that I use in this tutorial :)

Hope you enjoy my video tutorial below here :)

Etude - Porcelein doll look from Pinkbuble on Vimeo.


And mind to vote for me?
Yes please!!

From 15-20 March, with your instagram account..
do look for one of the 3 close up look I submitted below for the voting :)

it's in @tampines1 instagram :)

And again, all this gorgeous make up sponsored by ETUDE :)
Go and grab the items I listed above to create this Korean dewy porcelain doll kind of look :))


  1. Ceeeee, suweerrr cc cuantik gila!!!
    Aku mau votee, tinggal di like aja gt kah?


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