February 03, 2013

Bobbi Brown Bold look tutorial

I'm back with the make up tutorial :))

 photo 7534DC18-DD34-498B-B1EE-74B2141CD977-8561-000008E1EB631C75_zps12493f25.jpg

This might be the last tutorial before I'm heading back home for Chinese New Year, 
so hope you guys enjoy it..and please welcome my very first Make up tutorial video..

~ first of all, pardon my lighting, and the quality of video ,
using the build in cam by Mac in the middle of the night without any proper lighting ..and..
- apparently it's bad~

Note: Eh Carrie, I finally made one..still very very bad in lighting and stuff though, but i conquer the awkwardness in front of camera. Thanks for the inspiration!
- and guys..check out Carrie and Rachie's website from The Cambelles.com, it's inspiring and fun!-

This look created using The Bobbi Brown collection I got from them for their SS 13 collection preview, and when I tried it out..I just loveee the colours and deided to make a video tutorial out of it. :P

 photo E3C7C771-E186-4AB7-9FF5-CC8EDF01091A-8561-000008E1DBD4A0AF_zps4e007800.jpg

This is the complete collection I used in video:

 photo 0D8BAEDA-5206-480B-8B9D-4036836D5E67-8561-000008E212D5934E_zps70b093a5.jpg

-Bobbi brown Blush in Apricot
-Cream eyeshadow in Platinum 22
-Gel eyeliner in Black ink
-Shimmer eyeshadow in gun metal
-Matte lipstick in Red Carpet.

 photo 3E492AC2-D904-4551-9793-78C717CB461D-8561-000008E1F9E8E00C_zps225e3c12.jpg

And before smartass accused me on how I edited my skin again, try this trick :)
- apply a full coverage BB cream then second layer it again with make up forever HD foundation, if you have a dry skin like mine..it works wonder, coz you don't have to set it with loose powder again afterward, and you will get the smooth and clear complexion-

 photo 927340B9-58E3-45FC-97E9-1553970394F8-8561-000008E1FFB80602_zpsee6d957c.jpg

- Jangan ditanya gimana gw bikin pose pose gini yah! karena eh, gw sendiri agak2 gimana gitu pas motonya..hahaha..dan biasa suka disambung ma arip " yaaa ampun istri gw!!! "
Ya begitulah level malesin nya. ^^

Semoga kalian suka :)
 photo 6787CFFB-D95E-457B-9848-D5FE1B7CEF98-8561-000008E204B5194C_zps0f96858d.jpg photo 48F9708D-193B-41EF-807D-03C3F0998D72-8561-000008E20AE7D293_zps2009ea0e.jpg

'Till next time..
- currently still working on the natural look make up - *with a better  lighting!


  1. Nice El.. Lebih gampang diserap kalo video gini, ngeliat prakteknya langsung :D

  2. Love the tutorial! Make more videos in the future ;)

  3. Cakeppp ciii"... Looks young and freshh ^^

  4. keren El ! liat kamu make up gampang n simple banget !
    luv it !


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