February 05, 2013

Jardin de Fleur - Singapore Turf Club

Exactly last Sunday, I was invited for Jardin de Fleur party at Singapore Turf Club
I know, Horse gambling with a lot of uncle in short pants cheering over the horse they are putting their bet on, is the image you have for the Turf club, right?
- High five - Same here!
That's actually what i have in mind as well, so when the invitation of having a Jardin De Fleur party came to the inbox, I kinda excited to attend..having in mind, and worry how flower and uncle in short pants will come in pair for the event.

Nevertheless, I went to the party :)

Guess what?
Singapore Turf club is much more than my imagination of seeing uncles betting over the horses :P

We were escorted to a VIP room with a clear glass view of the racing area.
Glam and so VIP! - i kinda like the feeling, it's new to me..and it's pretty interesting :)

I bring Jenita there as hubby was engaged at that moment.
 photo photo3_zps56292557.jpg

When I spoke to Smith from Smithankyou - oh btw check out his blog, you will be fully entertained -,
He said that apart from racing and betting itself, actually Singapore Turf Club VIP room and some other function room can be book for any events, it is already classy by itself, and it's a "different" kind of entertainment provided as well - the horse racing lor..-

Not to mentioned that the FOOD is yummy!
I am not a food blogger so I can't describe the taste in a mouth watering line, all i can say..if not because of many stranger and i feel a bit " phai se " if I take too much food, I think I will go for the buffet way lor..
too bad, I have to control myself :)

Can you imagine how fun and different it is to attend a party or some company function in the place like this? a bit of Glam and " atas" feeling kind :P
It's a very very different lah the feeling, that's all I can say.

Seeing horse racing " live " is quite an experience as well :)
I love it !

So, the next time you plan to have company event or maybe private function..don't forget to check out what Singapore Turf Club has to offer, ok? 

- I wanna go there again ar..-

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  1. makananya saya juga mauu !!!!!
    aaaaahhhhh look soo yummy <3


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