February 21, 2013

Gamila Secret review


Woollaa...I'm back from my CNY holiday!
It has been a lot of fun and a lot of sickness as well. >.<
Jakarta not exactly friendly this time round - sigh - I was down with a very bad fever, flu and cough
 - super sigh! -

I hope everybody else is in a prime condition and stay healthy!


Anyway, back to the topic that I want to share..
It's about the GAMILA SECRET again!

When I was offered to try out the Gamila Secret soap bar for the second time,
I immediately said YES-again! As you guys know, I have eczema that love to react funnily to certain harsh soap bar, but luckily never to Gamila Secret.

So, seeing the chart from Blink.Sg shop, my dry skin has 3 option for the scents and I have tried Lavender before..so I go for the premium line: Wild Rose and Creamy Vanilla.

I hope this little chart below could help you in finding the suitable scent for your skin :)

If you do have a concern with your skin but you still want to indulge in a lovely scent of shower ritual, you should consider GAMILA SECRET. I love it.

I found GAMILA SECRET is unique in it's own way; like apart from using it as a normal soap, and facial mask for you,  your boyfriend/husband can use it as Shaving cream as well :)

So I bribe my Mr. to be a model for this blog post and I want him to use my GAMILA SECRET as his shaving cream. I have to bribe him because he doesn't seems convinced that my soap bar can double function as his shaving cream. >.<'

 Remember to activate the natural ingredients in the soap under the running/still water for a short minutes..

Then keep rubbing it until the texture become thicken and moist .

So here is my Mr. messy newly grown beard..one thing he keep telling me when he applied the soap to his face was " oh shit, this is gonna be painful! "

- well of course I don't want him to be in pain, so I just asked him to try..if it's really painful, just stop it and I'm gonna write it here that it is not suitable for shaving. -

But to my and his surprise, it's not painful and apparently it is work well as shaving cream.
Only it is a bit creamy compared to the normal foam shaving cream.

Tadaa..he smells like Vanilla! Yum!

If you have not convinced by me, then you go flip the magazine around the world and read how this handmade in Galilee soap captured the beauty attention.

And oh, you know you can get this at Blink.Sg shop, right? also check out Blink.sg facebook page for more updates on the latest beauty product.

'Till next time!

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  1. Kayaknya pas CNY kemaren orang2 banyak yang sakit deh El.. Gue aja kemaren itu demam + radang tenggorokan. Temen2 gue beberapa juga gitu. Kayaknya udara Jakarta lagi gak jelas makanya pada sakit massal gini.. T.T

    Anyway soap bar-nya pernah dicoba untuk intimate parts kah El? Temen gue ada yang beli tapi sampe sekarang ga berani nyoba buat di area itu.. :D


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