February 06, 2013

Celebrating CNY with Singapore Flyer?

Children of all races taught Chinese New Year Traditions and Practices at Singapore Flyer
I am glad to got a chance living in Singapore for the last 6 years, a country where I feel the most comfortable walking home alone at 1 am in the morning, and also a country where I hope, people in my country back home could learn from.
Different races, different religion and even different background could live together in harmony without offending each other.
For this Chinese New Year period,
40 under privileged children decked in traditional Chinese New Year clothes were treated to ‘lo hei’, ang pows and a special flight

Children spent that day dressed in traditional Chinese garbs. They were treated to ‘Lo Hei’ and ang pows on a special Singapore Flyer flight, making Chinese New Year an unforgettable experience for them. The children, from Kreta Ayer - Kim Seng Children and Teens Communitty Hub (CATCH) Programme, also learnt about the Spring Festival traditions and practices at the Singapore Flyer.

All of them enjoyed the Singapore Flyer ‘Lo Hei’ flight hosted by the iconic attraction’s CEO Patsy Ong and her Finnish World Cup Champion bowler husband, Tom Hahl. But this treat was not before Dr Lily Neo, Grassroots Adviser and Member of Parliament for Tanjong Pagar GRC handed out ang pows to all the children, much to their delight.

Happy Chinese New Year, Singapore!


  1. Ahhhh iya ya el, I have a same hope as yours. I love the way people in Singapore respect each other beliefs and races. Live together in harmony. Kapan ya Indo bisa kayak gitu?

  2. Wah seru acaranya..
    Happy new year in advance, El...

  3. Lo hei!!!!! Walaupun gw ga doyan sama rasanya, tapi ngangenin deh. When I think about it, I think about Singapore. Tapi ga tau sih, kayanya sebenernya bukan asli Singapore ya??


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