February 21, 2013

Natural look make up tutorial [Video]

Hellow ladies..am sharing up another natural look tutorial that I think suitable for your daily look :)
No fake eyelash, no shading technique, only tons of Mascara to apply. I was requested to do this tutorial from Cindy, one of my readers in Indonesia.

She has problem in applying fake eyelash for her make up, and she would like to look good without it..well of course, with Maybelline mascara, you can achieve the [almost] fake eyelashes effect without even wearing one.

These are the awesome mascara I received from Maybelline Indonesia, OMG! they are just super generous in sharing up their products. I am pampered.
 photo 59003431-7149-4B3A-A0BF-6B2AEE72A982-5825-000007720DCB29D4_zps4c593ca4.jpg

And not only that, Maybelline Indonesia also sent me this lovely eyeliner..
 photo photo5_zpsb10bad7d.jpg

And this gorgeous colours of Diamond Glow and Hyper Glow collection!
 photo photo4_zps91dbf8e3.jpg

And today's tutorial, I'm gonna use mostly Maybelline products - except my eyebrow powder (by NYX)
Well, actually..you can just use  anything you have at home to create this look..it's easy, light and hopefully you like it ^^

One of the trick to create a natural fresh looking make up is a healthy and glowing skin to start.
So, don't forget to keep moisturised your skin, mask it twice a week, ampoule it if you have to, and exfoliate it once a week to remove the dead skin :)

 photo ED9BFEFE-13CF-40FB-91F6-7CF3BC73FE03-5825-0000075F1CC171D3_zps392c39a6.jpg

Have a nice day and stay glowing :)
 photo photo3_zps28c07799.jpg


  1. El cantik banget. Kok bisa ya elu mekap santai banget, senyam senyum, miring-miring pala. Gw mah tegang banget saban mekapan, leherpun kaku setegak-tegaknya haha.

    Besok mau praktekin ah zig zag mascara.

    Makasih EL!

  2. Karena itu se santai lu nge decor kue kue cantik dan hasil gambar lu yang super wow it Mar! gw kalo liat kertas kosong sama pensil warna langsung blank entah mo ngapain dan samanya juga kalo buat kue..entah apa yg mesti di-adon duluan. LOL


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