May 09, 2008

Day 8

My 8th day, everything seems pretty good for me..

Last nite i didn't take my laxative tea..becoz i want to sleep without any distraction ^_^

No more symptoms, except my mini pimples..and nothing much to's getting dry! my tongue still coated with that whity things but not as thick as day 3 or 4..i hope it will clear by day 9 or i can start with my OJ day!

I'm kinda having dillema, shud i continue 'till 14 days or shud i stop on day 10?

I feel good with this cleansing, but i miss the feeling of chewing food..oh..oh..wut to do?

Last nite we went to Abel's beday dinner..and surprisingly, i didn't feel tempted to try their steak..even it looks super duper yummy! aaron keep teasing me to eat..and i cud say no to steak..* quite amazing tho * but..but..i do ask Arf to keep the biscuit that given by his cousin, Yessy...for me! the blueberry biscuit look yummy and i want to taste it!!!

Oh, i tried Midori..and fell in luv with it! Gonna be my favorite drink of the year!! ~ Thanks Yes and Arf!

I still have "The Elimination" every morning, and it's quite weird..becoz i dun eat for almost 8 days now..and it still come out solid sumtimes..

And from people's blog, it said ur sense of smelling will increase on the day of 4 or 5 ...uhmm..i forgot! and it's trueeee!!!

It's pretty strange u know, becoz suddenly u can smell all little things that actually exist but u never for my case:

1. I'm working in footwear department, when i smell all the rubber smell..i feel like puking..
2. Arf's smell...I ALWAYS like arf when he's sweating..i luv his sweat smell! but suddenly..i can't take it!..and he quite surprise that i asked him to take a shower before come near to me...Sorry arf..but it's beyond my control!
3. People's body company is Indian company, and according to Russel Peter..Indian expired faster than other races..dun blame me for that, watch Russel Peter show!
So, u know how suffer am i?? i used to put body spray..but now, i put my white musk perfume behind my all i can smell is my lovely musk..luckily, i can stand perfume smell!

Whoa, it's kinda experience for me to do this things..

Really plan to do it on August! but the next cleanse will only take 3 days..for maintanance only!

* feel good and happy *

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