May 06, 2008

Day 5


My 5th day!! Can't believe i'm out of solid food for 5 days en i'm still feelin' good!

I stop losing weight..hix..but keep telling myself and people i'm doing this for cleasing not diet-ing...i lied! hahaha..Btw, they said that in certain stages the weight will stop goin' down for few days and then start to lose again..looking forward to it *wink

Anyway, for's really true..whenever i had my tea, the following morning SWF not as intense as taking Only Salt water. humm..wut to do..wut to do..i don't enjoy the cramp that tea caused me!humm..

Last nite i accompanied arf to EAT at Din tai Fung..shaitz..i almost robbed his cup of noodle and sipped the must be damn good! but instead of doing that i just sit nicely and talk.. sipping my 2 cups of jasmine tea...they said peppermint tea is ok, so i assumed jasmine tea is ok too. haha..oh, well..

No symptoms so far, only my tongue coated with a thick white layer and i feel my mouth is kinda mucois..

I don't feel hungry but i feel bloated this morning!

last nite went for gym, and i almost lost my energy! weird..i feel like i'm having so much energy but when i went for gym and do some sit up and walking on treadmil for 10 min..i felt all the energy gone..sumwhere i dunno..
i better stay relax..for the next 5 days! wuw...

2.43 Pm

Huix..i suddenly so sick about this detox things, i feel tired ( must be the gym last nite ) and i feel hungry!!! extremely hungry..and all the body ache and slight head ache plus an uncomfortable feeling in my right knee join! is it becoz all the toxin?

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