May 04, 2008

Day 3


I just had my SWF..surprisingly, this morning it no longer take 1 hour to start the elimination..i just sit around 10 min and i feel like! and the elimination quite bad this morning, usually for 2nd elimination the liquid color will be slightly transparent, but just still as dark as the first one. humm..i wonder why?

and..and..i lost another 2 pounds *yay* ^_^

when i weighed myself, i just can't believe this detox can make me lose weight in a pretty intense way..hahhaha..i dunno how to say it, but i'm just amazed!

no symptoms so far and i feel my skin is tighter and smoother, weird..but oh, i had a bad breath and suddenly i feel like i have odour!!! shit..shit..but i read in sum1's blog..that bad breath, odour, muscle pain, bodyache and all is the sign that the toxin start leaving your body...well, it better be true! but for me, the odour is not like Indian or ang moh odour kind of more like there's one kind of smell that i never had before and it stick with me!!

~ update later, gotta get ready for church!


End of day 3. yayaya..i know i can make it! no more hunger pang and temptation..but i do crave of instant noodles..korean instant noddle and thai noodles! weird...

Anyway, welcome day 4!


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