May 21, 2008

9 days post Master cleanse


Wanna update my post master cleanse result!!

They said you will gain 1/2 of ur weight back after finish this cleanse..but for my case, i do gain my weight back..but it's only around 1,5 kg!! so i still lost 4,5 kg! but the feeling isn't good..when i weigh myself and see the scale is up 1 bar to the right, it really freak me out!! so during my travelling schedule i went for gym every day for an hour! and when i got back to singapore..i still go to gym for 2 days in a 5 days in a row, for sum1 like me..wut an achievement! *wink

Actually, i plan to do it again for my best friend wedding..but gotta search for the side effect first..then go for my decision! OR maybe i'll just skip my dinner! humm..

I still feel good and happy, i finally can wear skinny jeans without looking so bumpy! and arf bought me a new dress, skirt, and top as my present after master cleanse! i feel even better!!

Some of my friend said " i dun feel like eating meat after this cleanse..i only luv veggie and fruit " but why it didn't happen to me..i still love meat, well it's quite hard to digest at first..but i think my tummy really soon get used to it already!

Whoaa..really plan to drop it 'till 58 kg!! yea..yea..i know..i'm heavy!

~ it's about lunch time now..and i'm hungry!!Photobucket


  1. Hi Clare,

    My name is Geraldine and I'm a reporter from The Straits Times. I'm writing a story on detox diets and would love if you could share your experience on the master cleanse. What would be the best way to contact you?
    I can be reached at

    Thank you!

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