May 05, 2008

Day 4

Mid day..

4th day...woohhhooo..i'm proud of myself!

still 6 days to go before the OJ day..i now i can do it! sum of my friends did warn me about not to force myself into this kind of things..and ask me to stop when it goes beyond my control..but the problem is why would i stop from being so good, so light, so energetic, and so positive!!

tell me..why should i stop?

Plus the benefit of losing weight and having extra " food " money..

tell me?

Last nite i drank that "bloddy" laxative tea, and as works but whenever i drink the takes SW react an hour later..not like 2 days ago where i skipped the tea, the SWF came 10 min after i drank it! why?why? is it the metabolism things..i dunno!

oh, i suddenly getting this back ache and feel a bit dizzy...shud i stop? way man!

but really, this back ache is sudden effect after i took my 5th and 6th glass of the glorious it the sign of toxin leaving ur body? hope so..

Anyway, i plan to go to gym tonite..feel like doing sit ups...hope for the energy!

Gotta back to work, update later..^_*


Came back from gym and feel tired and dizzy..i shudn't do gym today...

Btw, all symptoms gone and craving for scallop brocolli..

Off to bed

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