May 04, 2008

Day 2

Yesterday was my 2nd day, and it was ok..only i had my lunch around 3pm becoz i have to stay back in the office 'till around 3 pm..*but yesterday was saturday* yeah i know...wut to do?

Symptoms: slight headache and no more dry lips and sore throat..i think my sore throat in the 1st day caused by the salt water.

I didn't take my laxative tea..i wanted to have a "good sleep" for my weekend leasure, i hate to wake up in the middle of the night becoz of tummy pain!!

oh, i lost 4 pounds..not bad! and i start to lost my back fat..i can start to fell all my bone structure appear more than before.gud-gud!

But yesterday, i'm craving for food..there was no special food that i craved for..but i juz want food! luckily arf had his dinner not in front of me..or else i might steal a bite and sleep in regret!

i run out of distilled water, need to buy it now..see ya later..

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