May 02, 2008

Day 1

Day 1 for detox and 1st day period

~ wut a combination ~

Symptoms: a bit dizzy, dry lips, sore throat but only when i swallow sumting.

The Salt Water Flush (SWF from here on) was awful!!! it's pretty bad actually..but woke around 5.30 am and i drank it straight away did help me..i feel like threw up, but i quickly drink water and get back to sleep.

5.40 First elimination, and it's solid..can wait for the SWF effect..

keep waiting..

and waiting..

try to sleep..

i can't!


then after 1 hour 10 min, i feel like farting...but i read sumwhere, when u feel like gasing..u should do it in toilet..or u will regret!

So, i trust that whoever guy..and he's rite..suddenly all the liquid elimination happened and i'm least sum rotting things in my colon start leaving my body.

i had this liquid elimination for 3 times, the 1st time it's kinda dark and the 3rd is quite transparent! ~ i really dunno wut is this ~...and still dun wanna know.

now is 6.08 Pm and day 1 is almost end..i feel good because i can make it and i really want to do it for 10 days before i start the Orange juice and veggie soup 'till 14 days.

Gotta go back home and have my 5th glass of the lemonade!
oh, btw this morning i put TOO MUCH cayenne pepper...and it burnt my throat! shaitz...

Gonna update my weight tomorrow.


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