May 07, 2008

Day 6

Day 6..u rock el!

4 days to go for my freedom of eating!! wow..

yesterday, i was l----l this close from quiting my cleanse..but i keep telling myself, be strong and be still..stick to it! stick to it! don't stop or u will regret!i keep repeating the same words again and over again..and I made it! i am a winner for my own 5th day..*proud

For those who want to try this cleanse, please STICK TO IT! and u'll see the was very hard for the first 3 days..but after that, u start to enjoy the feeling of:

- not letting food control you
- U taking control of urself
- U never realise u have a super strong will power
- Being healthy
- Energetic..but don't go to gym! trust me
- Super alert mind

It's all worth it!!

btw, total i have lost..wait, i start at 144 lbs..and now i'm on 132 lbs..12 pounds!! i lost 12 pounds in 5 days! but they said i will gain 1/2 of the weight i have to be prepare!

Oh, i do feel hungry..but don't want to eat...but i'm craving for the smell, taste, texture and chewing!

So far no symptoms yet, only my tongue still coated by white layer and my skin is getting smoother..perfect! good complexion and smooth skin..this is wut i want!

Yay ^_^

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