May 08, 2008

Day 7

I still can't believe that i still doing this detox things up to today...Day 7!

Welcome to my new day! *still proud of myself

A lot of symptom happened to me : Mini pimples ( with no infection ) come out from my behind ears down to my neck, my joint..i feel sore T_T, back ache..damn toxin!

A good things to report this morning is :

- The white coat..on my tongue, is getting clearer than this the sign of toxin leaving my body? yes? yes?

I feel great and good..but this morning Larry * my boss* showed me his cooking picture, smoke salmon and grilled chicken! then suddenly...i feel like breaking this cleanse! shaitz!!

Update's mid day already! another temptation for tonite..abel's beday, jacksplace! keep it mind that i can't eat yet!!!

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