January 02, 2014

Oxy3 face spa by Mary Chia

Happy new year!
I am back and welcoming my 1st post in 2014 with the lovely Mary Chia facial.

 I had this Oxy3 Face Spa for 75 minustes.
This is one of Mary Chia’s most favoured facial therapies, the three-step Oxy Face Rejuvenation ritual involves first infusing the epidermis with pure Oxygen using a special application probe, followed by a refreshing Oxygen mist to boost cellular rejuvenation and lastly, we will be treated to an inhalation of pure Oxygen molecules to revive and rejuvenate. This is totally a luxurious face treatment which works in the goodness to pamper and rejuvenate dull complexion, rectifying problems such as uneven pigmentation and ageing skin while facilitating cell renewal to restore skin’s youthful radiance. My skin is remarkably radiant after just one session.


To start the treatment I got my eyebrow trimmed.
Neat and painless.

Then using this machine to infuse the fresh oxygen on my face with the airblow thingy.
I feel weird and relax in the same time.
But definitely don't mind the air pressure massaging my face.

The masking session is a bit different from the normal masking I ever had..do you want to know how this is different?

They use this kind of half space helmet kind to do the inhalation of pure Oxygen molecules to revive and rejuvenate my skin. Totally feeling the excitement of trying this new methode kind of facial.
 How do you start your new year?

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  1. muka cc muluss bangett!!♥
    Happy new year..^^
    I follow ce.. please foll back klo gak kbratan ^^


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