January 10, 2014

Tried and tested: ORBIS CLEANSING LIQUID- Moomin Limited Edition Design

 I received this ORBIS cleansing liquid in Moomin limited edition for review around 2 weeks ago, I have heard about ORBIS since their launching here in Singapore but I never tried their product before, so when they contacted me to give it a shot, I said yes! and here is my verdict:

The outer packaging:
It's in a simple beige carton feel with the logo embossed on the top of the packaging.
Nothing fancy and can't really keep it for any other purposes.

The bottle?
One word:  CUTE!
It's really cute for cleansing bottle, and I will definitely keep it once it's finished.

This Limited Edition Bottle features an adorable Finnish character Moomin* that has been popular in Japan and the rest of the world over the years. This dreamy illustration on the tinted pink bottle brightens your daily cleansing routine! Bottles are available in two sizes (150mL/380mL) with different designs.
© Moomin Characters™ 
© Moomin Characters™ 
Now, the product:

ORBIS Aqua Cleansing Ingredient is an original formula of ORBIS’. It is made up of a blend of three carefully selected cleansing ingredients to target three major tough makeup impurities: foundation, mascara and lipstick. ORBIS Aqua Cleansing Ingredients blend easily with makeup and effectively removes foundation nestled within pores, sticky and stubborn mascara, and lipstick in lip wrinkles but the MUFE waterproof eyeliner.

I was actually quite surprise on the texture. It says that this product is water based, but when you pump it out..the liquid is in some sort of oil form minus the greasiness. It's pretty concentrated and smells pretty good.

With a face full of make up, I used 2 pumps of ORBIS cleansing liquid to clean.
So far it does wonder, only I need to remember to wash it again with facial wash. There were one time i didn't wash it with the face wash..and omg! breakouts on my forehead in overnight.
And also, if you have a very dry skin..I think you have to moisture your face afterward..to me, this cleansing is tend to dry up the skin.

One of the best feel that I like about this product, is the super non oily clean feeling after every use and my face seems to appear brighter or maybe because ORBIS clean the dirt away so my skin looking fairer :)

Price & Content:  
S$22.90 (150mL) / S$42.90 (380mL)
 (price including GST)
AvailabilityAll ORBIS counters and stores. Limited quantities, available while stocks last

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