January 24, 2014

ETUDE play color eyes collection!

I just found another gorgeous series of eyeshadow collection by Etude! 

You guys remember the last time I wrote about ETUDE Etoinette collection ? The pretty and princessy theme of make up? and how gorgeous the collection when I did the swatches

This time, ETUDE is back with the collection that I will definitely do another ETUDE make up tutorial like I did before, because this is just simply pretty colours!!

Take a look on this Play color eyes below :)
Each set contains 10 eyeshadow colours, with hues ranging from pale and deep to matte and sparkly, that allows women to create both natural and glamorous looks with just one palette.

Pretty cool ay! So if you are a kind that will not spend much on make up and not sure what affordable palette to begin with, grab this!

You can purchase this start from February 2014 onwards!
Retailing at $37.90 you will get a highly-pigmented powder formula that blends the shadows beautifully to lend gorgeous definition to the peepers with maximum staying power. This is also great to be snuggled in any handbag or clutch..call this a day to night make up in a palette!

 The 10 colours in Palette #1 include Party Gold, Burning Red, Temptation, Naked, Pony Tail, Modern City, Chic Blue, All Night, Snow Queen and Military Khaki.

The 10 colours in Palette #2 include Clutch Brow, Coco Brownie, Pop Champagne, French Kiss, Misty Rose, Diva, Glam Forest, Midnight Star, Sparkling Wine and Leopard Brown.

For me personally, I am so curious to try these colour on my eyes..like how cool can it be to have red eyeshadow on your eyes?

 Or going to have a Valentines date night with party gold colour?

Or maybe the sparkling wine colour?

 Once I have decided which look I'm gonna make my make up tutorial, I will share it up again with you guys! so, stay tuned!

..and oh, this might be a good Valentine day gift for your BFF, sister or maybe mommy?
Whoever it might be, share the love and let's not be afraid to play the colours in your eyes.

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