January 28, 2014

My new lashes from Prestige eyebrow and lash specialist

Bare lashes no more for me!

I did eyelash extension at Prestige eyebrow and lash specialist :)
I actually did 3D nano eyebrow embroidery too, but I'm gonna share about that later on after my second touch up.


Located at Pacific Plaza Level #03-08, Prestige eyebrow & Lash specialist is really convenient to access. It's pretty much located just around Orchard area.

 The place is pretty neat and clean, totally a kind of place that I will do my lashes extension.
It's a big NO no for me to have anything to do with touching my skin done in a less clean area.
I am so damn particular in hygiene department.

It's pretty awesome that Prestige exceeded my expectation in terms hygiene, service, and result.

This is my bare face on that morning!
I look like I just got up from bed. Damn.

I choose the natural look to start and I was planning to build the look to the more intense and dramatic look along this 3 months.

The process was painless and pretty quick if I may say..only the part where they need to past the under eye sticker is a bit uncomfortable - but bearable.

This is how my new lashes look like :)
It is almost looking like my natural lashes!
It's comfortable, and not blocking any of my view.
Me love it.

Here is the pricelist :)
Mine is the VIP package, so I am free in creating different volume of lashes for 3 months.


  photo signature-lips.png


  1. wow! nice one!!! gw pengen tapi lebih baek tidak .. gw tukang kucek2 mata ... huhu

  2. Kerennn jadi panjang lentik gituu :D Pengenn dehh..

  3. Keren oy. Pengen tp mata gw ini tergolong sensitive banget, takut ada efek samping. And also takut keliatan kayak bulumata barongsay wkkkkk


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