January 15, 2014

Big things come in small package!

As said clearly in the title, my big things come in a small package! 


It's SK-II festive collection of the Pitera Essence Set.

The packaging of this SK-II Pitera Essence Set is in the festive edition (which might not be the same if you pick it up after the festive season). It’s looking lovely in a bright crystallize theme with hologram graphics :D

Of course, you might wondering why I am writing about SK-II again?
It's because I still receiving questions about my SK-II regime since the first SK-II review I did back in 2010.

Surprisingly, this post is still in my top 5 page views with total 42 comments. 

The popular question I keep getting about SK-II skincare (that I use religiously) is:
“What if I found out that I am not suitable using SK-II after investing much on the product?"

My answer: Get this! 

It comes with:
Facial treatment essence 75 ml
Facial treatment mask 1 pc
Facial treatment clear lotion 40 ml

For me personally, the Facial Treatment Essence found in this set works wonders on my skin. It creates a more radiant glow and gives me the bouncy effect. Really a kind of skin that I always wanted.

I will share more on my skin regime in my next SK-II post, and also my secret to having healthy glow skin (I never self-proclaim this hor, it is always the readers that commented like this on my skin - but thank you :P ) so stay tuned with me!


  1. Gara2 lo El, gue coba SK2. Hasilnya nggak menegcewakan! Gue nggak cocok sama Stem Power nya, tapi FTE nya works like miracle. =)

  2. Sama...gara2 cece aku keranjingan,,,,sk II...eh salam kenal ya ce :)...mulai juni aq pake sk II..


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