February 08, 2014

Coffee drainage treatment by Mary Chia

Have you ever enjoying coffee while losing weight?
No, I am not talking about the low fat coffee here :)

I am talking about Coffee drainage treatment by Mary Chia!
This is one of my favourite treatment in my weight lost journey, simply because I sweat like i was running for 45 mins and in the same time I feel pampered by the coffee scrub.

The treatment started with the application of the lovely coffee scrub. The therapist will apply it on my whole body and then wrapped it with the thermal blanket.

The treatment is pretty much a 2 in one treatment for me, the skin and the body.
Also I just found out that thermal blanket wrap for effective detoxification and reduction in water retention. How awesome?

I definitely putting this treatment as one of the must have for those that want to lose the water retention weight in their body.

To find out more about the treatment you can call 6250 7949 or come to Mary Chia outlet at 
183/185 Goldhill Centre Thomson Road
Singapore 307628
I love this outlet so much, they are friendly and giving me a homey feeling. 
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