September 12, 2012

Rachel K " see the difference " skin care launch!

I was at Rachel K skin care launching sometimes ago.
For those who don't know this brand, you can read it here.
As for me, I remember her from the Rachel K cosmetic that already launched earlier, featuring the famous CC cream and the gorgeous pressed powder. I like the CC cream-more on this later!

Take a look on the complete range of her skin care line.

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Photo credit:
This is Rachel K herself and me.
Somehow this photo depressed me..hahaha..look at her:
Tall, lean, fair, and her skin was glowing and healthy, and I was like a typical tired lady after work.
Damn! Damn!
I enjoyed event, it went pretty well despite the hot weather and mosquito all over -_-'

 Opening speech by the MC..
Make up demosntration by Face by Sarah, the amazing make up artist..
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And of course..the hanging out part with fellow beauty bloggers:)
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with Sba gals
( Juliana, Carrie, Ju Ann, and me)


That night, we went back home with a goodie bag full of Rachel K skin care line!

The whole complete set of it, thank u Rachel for being so generous :)

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 So, if you follow me in instagram, or might already know that I use Rachel K cleanser.
If you have not, u can found me as " eldiona " in Instagram and "pinkbuble " on twitter. :P

Back to the cleanser,

I often use it with my Skin Street’s Sonic Cleanse Skin Care System, and I LOVE IT!

Both the Sonic Cleanse and of course the Rachel K cleanser.
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More on Rachel K cleanser:
I have a dry skin and sometimes it's flaky, yeah I's that bad!
So for everything I apply on my face, I have to be extra careful on what is the ingredients inside it.
But clearly, Stem Cell is something that my skin responded well, and if you have the same skin condition like mine, i can assure you..the cleanser is gentle on my dry skin and it keeps my skin supple and smooth.

I definitely can see the difference on my skin.


  1. oh iyaa cc cream bakal booming lagi tuh katanya generasi dari bb cream ya kan,btw rachel brand mana ya sis??

    check my beauty blog yah-->

    1. Rachel K itu merek SG say, yang punya Miss International Singapore 2009 :)
      Cantik gila orangnya en kulitnya ampiuuun bagus banget!

      CC cream bakal jadi the next BB cream kayaknya :)

  2. hahaha..g baru denger ada CC cream.. definitely not a beauty-enthusiast (*_*)
    and oh my..and u actually met QiuQiu !

    1. Yeah, I met QIu Qiu!
      She is very low profile and funny :))
      I really like her!

  3. wow that cc cream is pretty interesting! have you tried their cc cream? is it really better than BB cream? I so wanted to try her products ^_~

  4. I haven't been much into such creams but I'd be really keen to try the cc cream this time! Too bad I can only stop by Singapore in March!! Maybe until then, it becomes available in NZ, who knows?!


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