September 13, 2012

Nespresso 2% Party

I think I am the latest one who posted about Nespresso 2% Party.

 Anyway, I post it up now :)
It's better late than never, right?
*forgive me for being busy with I don't know what*

Firstly, thank u Kavitha & Crowd for inviting me to the event :)
I had fun and as a coffee lovers, this event is perfect!

Eh, actually can be better if I could eat more of the Wagyu cube as my dinner :P
That's so awesomely Goood! OMG!


That night, is quite a nice night in secluded location, 
with a mini good food, perfect ambience and coffee all over :)

For me, the highlight of the night was the part that I can make my own coffee.

Using Nespresso very own machine and the capsules, I am creating my Ice cappuccino with help from this nice coffee bartender :P *btw, wut do u call coffee bartender?*

Fresh from the machine.

Talking about this machine, me and Mr. have been contemplating on whether we should get one for our home or not! We found this is just cool, a combination of innovation and simplicity.
It is also designed to reveal the subtle aromas and flavours of the capsules. The thing is, we usually have our coffee in office instead of home. >.<' But I want one too..haiz, dilemma.

Ready to drink. Fast and easy :)

Apart from making your own coffee session, they do served Coffee martini :)
It taste a bit weird,'s a blend of Coffee and alcohol, not my kind of drink, 
but my Mr. loving it.

I met Christina too! looking well dressed up as always ^^

Show of the night :)

I admire how this lady could lift herself up to the ring in the air just like that.
She seems a bit struggle though, but still! she even do the split in the air -_-'
Amazing :)

Oh I met Brad from Lady Iron Chef too :)
It's always nice to see other bloggers in a real person.

And one last photo of me with this Va va voomie kind of featherish scarf!

Till' the next event!


  1. Coffee Bartender? You mean Barista? Gue lebih tertarik sama makanannya krn gue gak minum kopi hihhhihih... tp gue doyan eskrim kopi loh!

    1. makanannya sih enak gile tapi seupil upil gitu posrsinya Le :P
      Mo ambil banyak takut disangka bar bar..ambil dikit ga kenyang. Jadi dilemma..

  2. Interesting event although I don't drink coffee ^^

    1. indeed quite interesting, although apart from the coffee..nothing really much to do :) Just mingle and mingle :)

  3. makaannya imoet2 gitu yah~ sekali HAP hahaha...

    1. emang sekali Hap abis pit! jadi nya Hap hap melolo! hehehe

  4. Ric, full time job elo asek abiz. Gw di kantor bacain blog elo jadi ileran. Hik.

    1. Ini bukan full time job sayah :)
      ini diundang sebagai blogger ^^

  5. kuenya lebih menggoda...biasanya kalo yg porsi imut2 gitu lebih menggoda utk dimakan banyak karena kalo dikit gak berasa ;p

    1. Ember Deb! mo ambil banyak ga enak..ntar disangka sedikit juga laper...gimana dong?

  6. Barista maksudnya El.. hehehe..
    The event seems really interesting! Aku juga suka kopi.. ^^

    1. Barista ya? he eh! hehehhe..mendadak lupa loh gw..

  7. Nice pictures Love


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