September 25, 2012

Glamrock pajama party!


I like the idea of having gals pajama party in the weekdays night, just like Glam rock party!
Although it's a bit troublesome to change to the themed outfit and back to you own clothes, I've gotta give a credit to the concept. It's fun and girly.

I steal this from Juliana's blog :P

If you haven't heard about GlamoGirl, let me share a bit about this brand..this is a Singapore import channel established just this year, that dedicated to bringing in the best of affordable English cosmetic products, with brands such as Dirty Works and Exposed.

I know, I also never heard about it before :)
But it's not that hard to remember as they have this Retro packaging that caught your eyes in a glance.


I'm keeping this furry pink slippers for my own bedroom use :P

It has quite an affordable choice of product to try on.

During the party, we have a wet station and the dry station.
I love all the scented smell of the body wash, body scrub and the face wash.
Only that it's too bad..I cannot use the body wash as daily body wash as it is a bit too strong for my eczema skin. *sad*

As for the dry station, I loveeee the lip plumper, too bad I don't have the sample with I cannot share the before and after " oommph " lips of mine :P

The shimmer lotion also great, it gives a healthy glow on your skin. Pretty.

So ladies, if you want to try this out..just remember to quote


to get 20% off all GlamoGirl products at
*valid from now till 31st December 2012*

Enjoy your shopping :)

Last pic, Me and Juliana posing lazily on bed.

This one, steal from her blog again :P

Super random huh?


  1. Cool party! I never heard of them either but it looks so much fun! Totally love the packaging! And slippers!

    1. Yes! they are new but I love their scented products. ^^

  2. the packaging is really cute and pretty ^_~

  3. sendalnya lucu banget El, pink pula warnanya...girly banget deh :)

  4. I do love parties so much. Both of you were cool.

    Beauty Salon Melbourne

  5. photo sendal dan kaki lo lucu banget hahahaha :)

  6. packagingnya unik bgt...jarang ada yg produk kecantikan berani pake image kayak gini...klo di indo berasa kyk bedak marcs :p


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