July 04, 2012

My journey with Mary Chia ~ IntegraQuartz Macro Sculpting Treatment

As promised, 
am gonna share my third and favourite treatment of all 3 I tried :)

The  IntegraQuartz Macro Sculpting Treatment 

When they told me, I can lose inches in one treatment..
I was like hemm..really?
Because it just hard to believe that you can lose inches in one treatment, don't you think so?
But believe me now, you can!

Btw, what is so special about this treatment?

The revolutionary IntegraQuartz Macro Sculpting Therapy uses the advanced Physique Sculpting technology from France to break down and eliminate stubborn cellulite. It also combats sagging skin to present you with sought-after svelte silhouette. This treatment offers excellent results when applied on larger problem areas such as the Belly, Arms, Thighs and Buttocks. The only system that is scientifically proven to accelerate Lipolysis by 50%.

Ok, sounds really good! Bring it on!

I was escorted to this room to do the treatment,
 I have one body stocking to wear and the Integra machine to do the magic.

This is the lady that helps me to fight my cellulite that night. :)

The Integra machine head is like a vibrating massage machine with a suction movement, rolled over to the problematic area to break the cellulite cells in the body.

I feel so relaxed..although its a bit painful on my thigh area >.<''

See this:

My left side of body is yet to received the treatment.
My right side is after the treatment.

If you notice my right "lump" near the bra line is slightly slender than the left one.
And this is happened to my friend, Jenita, too, when she tried the face lifting using this Integra machine, she lost like a cm or two on one side of her face when the lady did one side of her face :)

After an hour of treatment, they took my "After treatment " measurement..
and take a look of this to believe this " lost in inches for just one treatment "

Also one more thing to prove how my body being so responsive to Mary Chia Treatment :)

In total I lost 2,1 kg for only 2 treatments (detox and weight vapour)
 and inches on my total body part for just 1x the Integra session.

Maybe you should try it to believe it too :)
I am satisfied with the treatments I received from Mary Chia.



  1. eh dari wajah udah keliatan situ kurusan :)

  2. Nice treatment, awesome result! Jd pengen ke klinik pelangsingan buat ngilangin lemak punggung yg tebel bgt ama lengan yg kaya tukang pukul, tapi bakalan so costly yaa hiks


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