July 26, 2012

Nip + Fab Products & Press preview event

 What if I say you can fix the body part that you hate in just spending less than $30?
*Are you frowning now?*

and wondering what am I talking about?

A little boobs enlargement with less than $30?

You can sculpt your body in less than $30?

Tone your abs also with less than $30?

Ok, I think it's enough..lemme share it :)


I was invited for Nip + Fab Press Preview at Naumi hotel 
for their Newly launch products in Singapore!
and yeah, this is the product I am talking about!

Seriously, I was excited to come to this event, apart from meeting other beauty blogger, 
I always excited about new products in town. 

We were greet by friendly PR people, pretty food and champagne!
*uh, loveeee party*

We've been pampered by so many Nip + Fab products all around the suite room, and everybody is busy taking picture of the product and trying the sample.

This is the fabulous body range that beauty guru, Maria Hazistefanis bring in to Singapore this time.
I really can't wait for the new range *in blue* to be launched in Singapore.

 Jennifer Aniston is a user of Nip + Fab Dry Leg Fix..and me too! but not too long..until my mum found this product, tried it and brought it back to Indonesia.

She said " I will take this, this is sooo good! see this, see this *showing her healed dry leg*" to me.
She did make a phone call to my Auntie in Indonesia and asking her whether she want to try the newly found "miracle cream" for their dry leg.

Btw, I took them to Watson to buy some Dry Leg Fix for my mum's circle of friend.

Geez mum, you can be beauty blogger cum evangelist of Nip+Fab products really soon.

Meet Mina, 
the amazing and amusing presenter of the night!
For whatever she said, it does put a smile on my face.

2 Products that I am sooo looking forward to try.

Or maybe this one?

But this one, BUY THIS!!
I already tweeted, Instagram and sprinkle beauty dust everywhere about this 

 Dry Hand Fix.

it's so


Don't forget to grab that in Watson, ok?

Beauty Bloggers all over the room having a beauty session Q&A..

And of course with Mina again, this time with her champagne.

Thank you so much Nip+Fab for your generous full size Goodie bag.

Love them.
Thank u very much.

And do you know that Nip+Fab Dry hand Fix is the resident in my bag now?


  1. wawww kayaknya menarikkk.. xD
    smuanya itu beauty blogger nya singapore ya? ^^

    1. Iyah Vee ^^
      It was indeed very fun and funny!


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