July 10, 2012

Me Brazilian wax :)

Thank you Joanna from 
for your kind invitation to 

I am a member of Fabulous Tan myself and totally happy with their service.

Meet Fabulous Tan staff, me and Teddy from Happy box.

What is the Happybox?

Happybox is the next generation of gift cards allowing one to choose from a selection of activities within a given theme. Happybox is presented in a beautiful gift box featuring a full colour guidebook of each activity and a gift card for redemption.

How to use the Happybox?

1. Register the Happybox Gift Card as happybox.sg/activation
2. Choose one of the packages offered in the Guidebook
3. Reserve directly with the establishment, quoting the Happybox Gift Card
4. Experience an amazing pampering after presenting the original gift card to the establishment upon arrival.

There are 2 types of Happy box:

Beauty Delights Happybox - $59
Wine & Dine Happybox - $169

Mine is the Beauty delights.

Inside it, there's booklet of 15 beauty partner that you can choose from.
I think it's pretty a good deal, for $59 you can choose treatments and beauty service that definitely cost way more than $59.

And it's good for a gift idea as well, buy one or as many as you want to treat your Mum, sister, girlfriend or maybe your lady boss this happy box to make them Happier :)

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Go and check their Happy Box Facebook page or their website for more promotions and product update.


As for me, this time I chose Brazilian and under arm waxing and eyebrow threading.

Let's start with Brazilian wax first.
Left: soft wax, right: hard wax

Lotsa clean ice cream stick
Getting ready :)
Everytime I want to do Brazilian, 
I always feel awkward..hehehe..its like I am fully exposed to stranger :P

But thanks God, the staff in Fabulous Tan made me less awkward during the process :)

To start the "cleaning" process,
I need to clean my V area before they stick a warm wax to get rid the pubic hair.

It's a bit warm..

and I tried to divert my attention to the ceiling..

Breathe in...

And OUT! OUch!

This is the part when I can't show you how's the hair stick in the wax :P
Or else my mum will shout at me for showing off not only my face with make up 
but my pubic hair too! ^^
So, no no..I'll skip this one :)

After few times of Breathe in and Ouch! on the V area..
I was told to lay on my tummy and she is "cleaning " on the back area.

A damn total of clean feeling man!

The pain is bearable, even for me who have less tolerance of pain. :)

You've seen many facial or even eye mask, this time I am sharing a V area mask.
No tutorial though, but yeah..just want to let you know..they have a mask too ^^

If I can sum up the whole process of Brazilian waxing, it will be something like changing

 To Strawberry 


Next, the under arm Wax :)

It's pretty much the same process with the Brazilian, only it is less close to no pain at all.

Again, a warm hard wax applied to my under arm, 
I have a very very short under arm hair on that day (not that I always have a long one though),
But if you plan to do under arm waxing, you should at least keep it in 1 cm long :)
*I know..who grows 1 cm under arm, right?*

Anyway, If you think it's eww..skip this!

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Warm hard wax
And this is the under arm hair inside the wax.
See how long is the hair under my skin.
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And the last service I tried was my eyebrow threading :)
I love the result and you will see it soon in my make up tutorial.

Once again, Thank you for having me at Fabulous Tan!
  I really love your service.

I hope I can try your IPL session soon.

Happy Box makes me Happy


  1. you looks not in pain. I want to try wax my armpit o.o my hair armpit is like a jungle.... LOL

    BlushOff [Beauty Blog]

  2. Yeah, apparently its ok..not too pain and really bearable ^^

  3. Woww... I think the brazilian wax must be really painful... T_T

  4. If it's your first experience, maybe..but it depends on how they do it and ur tolerance of pain ^^

  5. Masih ngga berani gua, El brazillian wax :)) Di keti aja awal2 sakit, ini lagi .haduh ga dlu deh haha.

  6. Jadi ikutan meringis meringis nyeri baca brazilian wax nya... tapi deskirpsinya tentang changing rambutan to strawberry sangat pas ya....:)

  7. Thanks that I found this blog talks about beauty tips but supposedly I'm looking for the blog of waxing in Philadelphia PA. Keep on posting!


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