July 31, 2012

Have u been to Singapore Flyer?

I just went! last week :)

My very first time in Singapore flyer, 
and I ride it twice in a row!

I know..I know...I am so so so late about this Singapore flyer hype thingy, but I guess I made it up with riding it twice in a row..*mwaahaha..sounds so damn kiasu~*

My very first ride was immediately after I won the Singapore blog award 2012, together with all the winner in all category.

Together with Caren (Winner for the best blogshop) and Kevin (Winner for G market category)
 On my first ride, I cudn't take much photos because I left my camera with my Mr. downstairs.
But thanks to Caren for the picture. ^^

The second ride, I went up with my Mr.
For friends and family that plan to go for Singapore flyer for one of your tourist destination here in Singapore..read this..am gonna take you throughout the short but Uhmazing 30mins 
on Singapore flyer.


The journey in Singapore flyer started with Journey of dream:

The latest attraction and a whole new flight experience at Singapore Flyer, and be awed by an engaging multimedia showcase that provides a deeper appreciation and understanding of the Singapore Story and the iconic Singapore Flyer, and extend your experience onboard the scenic flight on the Flyer, taking in amazing 360° views of Singapore and beyond

Credit: Singapore flyer website.

I kinda have a mixed feeling during this Journey of dream moment, I want to spend longer time to see what they have to offer but in the same time, I can't wait to hop on to the Singapore flyer capsule to experience the what so called " 360' view of Singapore "

Haiz..dilemma over small matters. >.<'

Anyway, pardon my sua ku-ness for taking picture the whole ride.

Ok, I admit that was just an excuse! the fact is, I am vain and the view and everything are too great to be missed!
So, always bring your camera whenever you come to this place.

I start with my camwhoring action :P

When I was Q-ing for my turn to get into the capsule, I saw one capsule with the dining table inside, I want!!! somebody take me to dine inside the capsule! please..yes? yes? anybody?

I imagine myself having romantic dinner here with my Mr.

I want la..


When it comes to our turn, we hopped into the capsule and start to enjoy our ride.
It's safe and not caused any dizziness. (at least for me)

I am so enjoying my ride. Still so grateful for the Sba 2012 and absorbing all moment in my quiet time inside Singapore flyer. It moves slowly and steady all the way to the top.

I love the peaceful feeling I have when I reach the top, and not to forget the amazing view you will get from the top. 

A clear unblocked view of Singapore.

Love it much.

Thank u Singapore flyer for the amazing ride.

Till' next ride :)

For more info, check out


  1. yang kalo bisa sambil dining itu mahal gak ric? asik ya kayaknya sambil dinner di singapore flyer itu...

    1. Gw liat per pax untuk dining itu $200+..mehong yah?

  2. pits mau naik naik cuma emoh bayarnya $20/orang kan mayan ㅠㅠ, nah itu juga dining na, nunggu ada yang mo bayarin deh perpax na $200 wakakakakak :)

  3. Ho oh pit, emang agak mahal sih..cuma kalo buat nyoba sekali sambil poto2 sih ok lah ya :))
    Abis itu udah! Hahaha

  4. Gue malah gak pernah naik Spore Flyer...abis kata suami: Ngapain...gak ada apa2annya... Dia sih udah naik, dan berkesimpulan kayak begitu, padahal dia penggemar photo dan biasanya liat yang bagus2 dia seneng. Soooo... jadi ga ada keinginan deh hihihihi...

    1. Kata temen-temen gw juga gitu sih Le..naek doang ga ada apa2nya. LOL.
      Tapi mungkin hari itu mood gw lagi bagus banget en sepi di capsule gw. Jadinya tuh..santaiiii en on the top banget deh!

  5. hiiii... mau cobain ini nih tapi ga pernah ada yang mau nemenin... pada takut tinggi :p semoga nanti bisa cobain :p


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