June 29, 2012

Random tots!

I have lotsa lotsa things in my mind! 
and I really don't know how to combine it all in one beautiful paragraph that connect to each other.
I just cudn't find the right way to phrase it.

So yeah, it will be a random post!


I'm excited for my Vietnam trip tomorrow!

I need this. 
I need a short gateaway.
I am too hectic.
I am too stressed.


Have you ever feel that you finally living a life that you always wanted to have, 
but when you are living it..it is apparently sucking up all your energy.
Like, totally!


I am finally have a new boss.
Nice and sweet.
But he is not really talking to me.
Maybe something is wrong with me
or..I dunno..I think I am just thinking too much.


I found my comfort..

comfort drink: Lychee Martini
comfort girlfriend: Lily
comfort colleague: Sexy voice
comfort food: Indomie (teteup ya bo, selera nusantara) ^^
comfort place: my bed


Things I am excited about:

Lan's wedding
My company Trade show
Singapore blog award crowning day


I just realise one of the reason I fell in love with my Mr. is 
His New Zealand accent.


I miss having one day, relaxing at home..
watching Korean drama and thinking about Daniel henney!


I miss being myself


Packing time!


  1. have fun ya di vietnam!!! foto2 yang banyak ya... :D

  2. have a lot of fun on the vacation!!! :D

  3. happy holiday, di tunggu poto2 na hahahaha :)

  4. Enjoy your trip el...
    Eniwei ttg boss lu, kali dia yg bingung mau mulai ngomong apa/emang ga banyak ngmg hehehe, jgn terlalu dipikirin coba aja lu yg mulai berusaha "berteman".
    Trus jgn lupa buat take some break kalau 1 goal ud tercapai atau lakuin sesuatu yg nyenengin buat diri lu spy ga terlalu stress & bisa lari kenceng lagi :)

  5. Vacationnnn!!! BEST TIME OF THE YEARRR!!! Doesn't matter where you go, when it spells vacation, it will always be fun!

    Enjoy your trip, safe flight!!

  6. 'met liburan el :-D

  7. haha it's been a while since i read your "real" post!! glad to read it again, el :)

  8. @ Arman: sudah difoto man!!

    @ Yoanita: yeeaaaay!!

    @ Pitshu: sip Pit ^^

    @ Adelheid: iyah, gw akan mulai aksi pertemenan gw sama dia..hahahaha..

    @ nancy: Iyah!

  9. @ Leony: Ho oh!!! Love holidays!

    @ Deasy: iyooo!

    @ Gil: Ember gil, gw juga berasa finally gitu!


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