June 28, 2012

Mary Chia x Pinkbuble Spa Party -Finale

Sponsored event

When I went in, I saw this wonderful machine is ready in the Vanity area.

The Integra machine :)

Why is this machine so wonderful?
*stay with me-am gonna come to that part later on my next post*

And Jenita is ready to experience it, the staff said it could helps with the double chin..
so she is really eager to prove it! :D

We all were really kaypoh to see it, and even Sharon from Mary Chia was there to join us too ^^

 Its my turn to be extra kaypoh too..

This is what she wrote in her blog about this treatment:

" i did face lifting. hahahaa.
they said it can reduce my double chin. i dont really believe it at first,
but after she did my right cheek and asked me to see myself in the mirror,

i was so shocked!! like a centimeter or 2 are gone from my chin. and im like
"Okay, you better do the other cheek or i will look very scary!" hahahaha."

I felt the same way like Jenita,
for the 3rd treatment from Mary Chia..
I did this Integra treatment for the whole body :)
* honestly, this is really cool*
I'll blog about it in my separate post.

While Jenita is happy admiring her new face shape,
I found Melissa with her thigh contouring treatment :)

Rebecca with her tummy contouring treatment :)

After the treatment, we are back to food :)

And some random "show leg " kind of post..but there's no leg shown @_@

After everybody is done with the treatment, we gather down at the refreshment area to do some 
lucky draw ^^

and..the Leaders Insolution BB set 
(sponsored by Cossy Pte Ltd, sole distributor for Leaders Insolution Singapore)
goes to...

Congrats Meilany!

Hope you happy with that awesome gift!
*i want one!*

I & the generous sponsors did prepare something for the guest of the night, which y'all already know in the previous post. And I am happy when they open it and start "wow..ooh.." ing on what they found inside :)

Hope you all enjoy the night ladies!

Thank you one more time for all the sponsors ^^

And We call it a NIGHT!



Wut do you think?


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