June 21, 2012

Journey with Mary Chia~ Weight vaporiser

Second Treatment from Mary Chia:

  Intensive Weight Vaporiser (45-min|$145)

This treatment known for it's fat-burning capability, and can you imagine that 15 mins of this Mary Chia's signature slimming treatment is equivalent to 45 mins of rigorous exercise?

Let me take you to the whole process :) 

Me, getting ready ^^
and yes i know this picture is not important, but am vain.
So bear with me much.

This whole process includes 4 steps.

1. Thermal vibrations from the exclusive circulatory DX bed. (15 mins)



Oh yeah, sleeping in this bed going to be tiring because it's constantly rocking you left and right with warm heat in it. 
15 Mins of this process could me make sweat, and indeed, it's equal to 45 mins rigorous exercise. 


2. Sauna (10 mins)

Just like another 10 mins normal sauna.
Nothing really special on this step, but you sweat like hell inside the sauna.
D'oh, it is sauna. I know.



 3. Pressure Baloon (15 mins)

This blue going to be baloon is wrapped around my tummy, and with the air pressure repeatedly compresses and relaxes my abs area. Apparently the air pressure application creates an intensive detox and inch loss effect as well.



4. Wrapping me.

It is a standard procedures of keeping the treatment on its place after every session.
I was wrapped just like a ready departed expensive luggage.
Over and over again.

And after 2 hours of keeping myself inside the plastic wrap, my Mr. need to cut it with a scissors and its full of ewwww sweat. haahahha..

And I am nearly a kg lighter as well.

I know you don't believe me.
Just stay tuned for the 3rd treatment post and my weight card tracker revealed day. 

Till' the next treatment.



Wut do you think?


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