June 10, 2012

My Journey with Mary Chia-Body detoxification programme

Have I told you that I was fat when I was on my early teens?
I was once over weight, like 65kg and I was less than 1.45m tall back then.
Do the math and count the BMI.
*I'm gonna move on*

And growing up as a fat girl, 
it does effect my confidence, and even some relatives talk to me in Hokian like
 " ai jip kuan thau liao " it's like " You are ready to put in a can ".
Just like a pork in can -_-'
Oh Please!
( I always wonder why the hell I didn't stand up for myself back then! 
I should say something like " I am fat but u are ugly and old " or something like that, just to make them realise that their are not fabulous anyway).

Oh! I was in classical ballet class too, and that's make it perfect!

During that time, whenever I saw slimming centre or when my auntie went to some slimming specialist, I always want to try and I imagine myself come out as a new person and feeling confidence more than ever. *day dreaming*

Of course I didn't have money to pay for the slimming centre back then, 
the only way I could do in losing weight was
 diet and slimming pill. I did run too, I danced and I detox myself by drinking liquid only.
Have any of you been doing the same thing?

I did lose weight in short period.
This is maybe I grow taller as well, I dunno..but I look slimmer even though my weight still in over weight range. It does left me with cellulite, water retention and some leftover fats too.
More than 34% of fats to be exact.
*pinching my 3cm fats on my belly*

So when I write about my journey, on top of  

I also want to share my experience with all the ladies out there who ever been in my shoes, that sometimes on top of running and dieting..we might need professional help to keep us going and help us to improve our shape. :)

So here I am, making appointment in Goldhill branch.

Apart from the treatment? Do you know what excite me too?

This homey and the very first Mary Chia's outlet did treatment for 

She is the brand ambassador for Mary Chia.

and when I saw this trophies all over the wall, I know I'm in a good hand!

Meet Irene, me, and Shu Juan (my buddy!)

Irene is the branch manager and really experienced, 
when she took the measurement of my body..it was like ..so fast and accurate!

First step to start my journey with Mary Chia, 
they again took my body composition analysis but this time I didn't feel that bad because I am about to see the good changes.

During the consultation time, yes, she did agree that I should go for the weight loss programme.
~ safe me ~

So for the first treatment, I will start with the body detoxification treatment.
~ Just like what I already have in mind ~

Why I need this treatment?

Body Detoxification Programme is ideal for those who complain of excessive water retention, sluggish metabolism, constipation and feeling lethargic. Using a special seaweed formulation to promote detoxification and improved metabolism, expect healthy perspiration during the session and thereafter an overall sense of wellness and lightness; similar to the healthful effects after a great workout! This programme includes a full body seaweed application, followed by a thermal body wrap.

Benefits of Detoxification:
o    Eliminate lethargy and enjoy higher energy levels
o    Improve lymphatic and blood circulation
o    Enhance body's ability to combat cancer cells and generate healthy cells

Ok then, I know I need that. 

One cool thing I found in the vanity area is the locker system,
they use thumb print to open and close the locker.
Is everybody start using this or I am the sua ku one?

Getting ready.

Shower cap on!

The therapist start the treatment by applying my whole body with scrub to do deep cleansing, then she continue applying dead sea minerals concentrate from head to toe. *I am pampered!

I was like " aaah..this is cool "
how I wish I could get the whole year customized treatment from Mary Chia..
*Oh wait, you can help by voting for me :)*




Anyway, back to this amazing treatment:

When it comes the part where warm Therapeutic Seaweed in wax form being apply on my body.
I feel warm! its really like a warm wax on your skin *literally*
The feeling is like "arrgh.. aaah..arrgh..aaah "
 weirdly, it gives me a relax feeling and 
I am enjoying the whole process of the treatment.

Finally, the therapist wrapped me with a thermal blanket. 
I was asking " why do you have to wrapped me in a blanket? to the therapist,
and she explained to me that the therapeutic seaweed wrap works together with a thermal blanket to encourage pore dilation, perspiration and local blood circulation.

Ok, I am ready! detox me.. ^^

My experience with the thermal blanket last for 20 mins but I'm sweating like 45 mins run!
20 mins sleeping position = 45 mins run.
I don't know how to compare this, because it's no longer apple to apple.
I am amazed!

If I tell you that I lost 1 kg after this single treatment,
will you believe me?

It's ok, because I couldn't believe it too!!
Hoahahahaha..but I'm so freaking happy lah!

If I continue doing this..I think soon..you will see me in this figure:

Ouu..how I wish!

After my first treatment at Mary Chia, I came home with super soft skin and a kg lighter!
This is awesome.

If you wish to try Mary Chia's treatment, 

Visit :
to find out lotsa lotsa range that suits your needs.

"Till the next treatment!


  1. wah asik banget El, dimanjain sekalian nurunin bb, gak tersiksa kaya diet jadinya ya

    good luck!

  2. @ debby: iyah Deb ^^
    relax, di pampered trus kurusan..cihui lah!

    @ wintergurl: Thanks babe!!


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