June 14, 2012

Mysticol powder eyeliner and powder highlighter by Jane Iredale

Back to Make up!

I would like to share my eye make up look by using Mysticol powder eyeliner and powder highlighter 
by Jane Iredale only.

Yes, you heard it right..it's powder eyeliner ^^
Not bad ay? we have pencil, ink, gel, liquid and now powder form of  eyeliner.
Puurfect :)

Before that, let me tell you that this product:

It's Hypoallergenic, 
dermatologist tested and always formulated with exclusive skin care ingredients, 
so Mystikol is safe for even the most sensitive eyes.
And It has several beautiful colours such as:
Malachite: A sparkling moss with buttery beige
Amethyst: Royal purple with luxurious pearl
Dark Topaz: Rich brown with velvet rose
Lapis Lazuli: Vibrant blue with shimmering ivory
Onyx: Otherworldly black with creamy pearl
( I got this one)

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Aquamarine: A cool, swim through tropical, blue waters with a rose highlighter
Citrine: A shimmering combination of ochre and metallic bronze with a gold highlighter

This is the look that I called
" pretty safe "

Why Pretty safe?
because I think this look is safe to carry in any event.
You can attend your media event, meeting your business partner, go to office, meet your potential client, dinner date, or even attending the wedding with this look.

Not too done up, but its enough to brighten up your eyes.

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Simply by applying the black powder eyeliner close to your lash line, and u can just smudge it with your ring finger. 

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Same apply to your lower lash liner.

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Apply your inner corner with the highlight colour in horizontal V shape.

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That's it! You're done!
Complete the look with your faux eyelashes
and keep your foundation/powder light and neutral colour of lipstick.

Overall, I love the intensity of the colours and it's easy to blend even when using finger.
But just make sure, to be very careful when you are opening the cap..or else..

This is what you got!

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Happy trying!

The next post will be from Jakarta :)
I'm flying back for my brother in law wedding and I'm so happy to meet my parents too.

Signing off from here..



  1. you're so prettyy~~~~ <3
    wah unik yah ^^ tp kalo powder gini ga bs bikin yg garis tipis dong ya?


  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. This powder eyeliner is really interesting ^^
    thanks for sharing :)

  4. sounds interesting :)
    this is the first time I heard about powder eyeliner~
    You look pretty elrica ^^

  5. love your eyes done! and you look stunning :)

  6. baru tahu soal powder eyeliner.. thanx for sharing, you look pretty ^^

  7. kyknya yg powdeer ini lbh enak n gampang dipakenya yaa...dibanding liquid eyeliner (ini sih kalo gua)

  8. wooof... your hands!! XD interesting product! kayaknya belum masuk indo ya?

  9. gua baru denger ada yang bentuknya eyeliner bentuknya powder hehe... kalau diliat dari foto loe, pigmentasinya bagus y.

  10. racunnnn..... racun dunia :D,
    cuma dijual di spore?

    btw, pake softlens apa ya?

  11. @xiao vee: bisa bikin garis tipis kalo pake kuas vee..kl ga, ga bisa :)

    @Via: it is interesting, cuman agak blepotan aja kalo ga ati2.

  12. @shasa: me too..first time trying powder eyeliner :)

  13. @ yoanita & @rini: thanks babe :))
    @ kartika: menurut gw gampangan pake liquid loh, soalnya yang ini gampang blepotan banget..tapi warnanya bagus pisan! Hehhehe
    @ carynn: he eh..kayaknya brand ini belon masuk ke indo deh.

  14. @Julie: yap yap!! I love the pigmantation :))
    @pygmallion: ayo beli beli..Iyah, so far sih baru di singapore:) gw pake soflens freshkon.


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