June 19, 2012

Mary Chia x Pinkbuble's package ^^

Tonight is the spa party time :)

For my lovely guest,
Apart from having a privilege to enjoy 
the party, the treatment from Mary Chia, goodie bag 
and the fun of the night!

you are entitle to enjoy 

Mary Chia x Pinkbuble's package!

 and of course for you all my friends and Pinkbuble's reader, 
you are entitle to enjoy the same package like the others 15 lucky gals too!

Have you read my 1kg off in single treatment from Mary Chia?
If you have not, read it

So with me having to experienced it myself,
I would love to share the good news to all the ladies out there too.
I have 2 more treatment to put up to and finally the original photos of my personal weight tracker card, which i snapped directly. 
So, you will see how I lost my weight on every single treatment.

So here it is,
The first package is

Pinkbuble’s Sampling Kit at 

•         1 x IntegraQuartz Macro Full Body Sculpting Treatment ($750)

•         1 x Intensive Weight Vaporiser ($145)

•         1 x Body Detoxification ($280)

              UP: $1175 (Total savings: $587)


Mini Sampling Kit at 

With a choice either

·         5 sessions of Intensive Weight Vaporiser ($145/session), 


·         5 sessions of Body Contouring Programme ($185/session), 


·         5 sessions of 30-min Back Massage ($95/session), 


·         5 sessions of Purifying New Facial ($145/session)

So yeah ladies, 
lets grab it and it's your turn to share with me your success story.

If you have enquiries about the package, or you are confuse which one to choose,
Drop Irene a call at

Mary Chia
6250 7949
183/185 Goldhill Centre
Thomson Road

Don't forget to quote

" " Pinkbuble's package" "

or if you would like to ask me about which treatment I recommend, you can always drop your comment in here or like always to my email at pinkbuble(at)gmail(dot)com.



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  2. El...andai gw tinggal di Spore... hiks.. pengen ikut tp gw diindo :(


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