June 18, 2012

Pinkbuble x Mary Chia Spa party - Entree

Hellow 15 lucky gals!
Are you excited for My spa Party?

This Spa party is sponsored by Mary Chia,
we (all the finalist) get to arrange our very own spa party
with a budget of $300. I promise, you are going to be pampered :)
 and just so you know
 (in case you want to tweet it or blog post about it)
I named my spa party as

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App
Remember the date!!
It's tomorrow :)

I chose Home theme as my guidelines to create a cozy, comfortable and family feel of party.
Why home? why not something fancy?
Ok, I have 2 main reasons for this:

1. I love Mary Chia Goldhill outlet
because it is so homey..humble and relaxing.
I feel so comfortable to be there, and I want my girlfriends
experienced the same feeling.

2. I often feel nervous whenever I go to party,
I think about what to wear?,
What make up look should I do?,
Can I stand the whole night with heels?,
How if I am under/over dressed?

Ugh. Too stressful for my spa party.

So, Home concept it is.

Like what I share in the email, you don't have to worry standing with your heels, your tight jeans or sucking in your tummy the whole night! We are so gonna have a comfortable party!

You can choose either
30 mins back massage 
30 mins contouring treatment in tummy/arm/thigh.
as your special treatment from 
Mary Chia.


Now, I will remind you again about the goodie bag..

Think about the legendary Notebook,

that used in many A lister in Hollywood..

Victoria Beckham & Heidi Klum

Brad Pitt

And as well as in many Hollywood movies!

 Devils wears Prada

 Mamma Mia

 Shall we dance

Bones of Contention
I Heart Huckabees
Maria Jose' the Last Queen
State and Main
The DaVinci Code
Stranger Than Fiction
National Treasure

And tomorrow, you are going to walk away from my party with the latest 18Months diary from Moleskine. This is the diary for you who cannot wait to start a new one!
Start from 2012 July to December 2013.

How awesome is that?

On top of that, get ready to be pampered by "Just for Your nails only "
and go home with a little gift of OPI from them.


The Lucky Draw!
One BB set from Leaders Insolution, worth of $95 :)
Thank you Cossy Pte Ltd

and the most creative lady with a unique entry about how do you think this Pinkbuble x Mary Chia Spa party going to be fabulous! or..other option, you can blog about my party tomorrow..and the best one will be pampered with a palette of eyeshadow.

Oh Oh, one more that I forgot to mentioned in the email..
We..are ..going..to have a make up corner!!
 I want my girlfriends looking super gorgeous when we capture our memories!
I'm gonna do my magic makeover!
Ou yeaaaa..!!

Thank you for all the sponsors:



Singapore Sole Distributor for Leaders Insolution

Le Memoire

Just For Your nails Only

And for the overwhelming respond for this party,
I would like to say thanks for the support that you all gave to me, and that RSVP's was fast!
I got y'all confirmed almost on the spot when I sent out your e-invitation.
Don't forget to flash your very own invitation at the entrance :)
and once again, thank you.

I'll see you tomorrow.

Muax muax!


  1. Congratssss ellll :). Andai daku di spore aku mo ikutannnnn :).

  2. pasti bakalan seru nih partynya...good luck ya :)

  3. decity.wordpress.comJune 19, 2012 at 4:43 PM

    home spa party..wowww!!!!!
    buat dunk disini... g mauuu el!! hhehehe

  4. @ Bel: he eh ^^
    kalo kau disini pasti kau datang bel ^^

    @ Debby: makasi ya deb ^^

    @ decity: aku juga mau..sponsor dong ^^


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