April 13, 2013

My Journey with Kose Infinity - part 3

I hope you guys are still with me for my journey with Kose Infinity:)

Since I started a campaign for a brightener and clearer skin with Kose Infinity like almost a month ago, I feel a tremendous improvement of my skin tone. I used to think that I don't need a brightener series of skin care because I am already have a fair skin, so why would I need more? But after using Kose Infinity for almost a month, I can see my pigmentation start to appear lighter and even with a little make up..it is close to flawless skin. - I know, it's too good to be true, right?

Although I must say that this series is a bit dry for my skin. 
Therefore, if you have a dry skin like mine - please apply a generous Kose Infinity serum on your face, just like I did and shared on My journey with Kose Infinity part 2 post.
As long as you are doing this, you'll be fine.

Apart from the lighter pigmentation, I found Kose Infinity helps to even out my skin tone.

Look at my photo before using Kose Infinity:
I tend to have a reddish and uneven tone between my face and my neck..
and I guess it's pretty obvious in below photo.
 photo photo1_zpsf3b3e19b.jpg

After almost one month, tadaaaaaa...
Take a look at my almost even skin tone between my face and neck!
I am really happy to see the result and I think you should try too.
 photo 50FD6AC2-67BF-493A-B092-2BC6CB9D7882-3225-0000039F5F54DD72_zps27e8c770.jpg

Grab it while you can still enjoy the discount until 30 April 2013.

INFINITY KOSÉ New Launch Promotion 
Enjoy exclusive 10% Introductory Discount:
• Deep Protection UV at $49 (retail: $54)
• Realizing White Lotion XX at $99 (retail: $110)
• Realizing White Serum XX at $99 (retail: $110)

I hope, this will works on you as it is to me.
Happy trying.


  1. *o* hasilnya bagus yahhh.. sayang pricey.. :D

  2. priceyy >,< *nangis darah liat reviewnya


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