April 17, 2013

Vanity Trove - April Spring Update

On this April Trove, I received mostly on Elizabeth Arden whitening series in sample size and Dr. Ci: Labo collection in sample size as well. I found many people complaint on the sample size they received in their Trove, which I don't understand why. I still think this sample size come really handy for travelling, and let me tell you that since Vanity Trove become a part of my monthly indulgence, I never run out of items to go for travelling. From Tropical to winter holiday, there are always things from VT that tag along with me for the trip.

..and psst psst..
VanityTrove re-shapes beauty discovery with a
collaborative trove together with SuperBerry.me, bringing to you a new stash
of beauty labels to the limelight!

Usually, this superberry me trove can only be purchased from Superberry me, but Vanity Trove are running a special campaign where my readers can quote My name and score a superberry.me trove worth over $100 when you guys take on a 6 or 12 months with VanityTrove (,applicable for new 6 or 12 months subscribers only)

Superberry brings only the finest grooming products from around the world to
cater to the needs of women in Singapore. Superberry has products that can
groom a woman from head to toe. Be it hair products, moisturizers, fragrances
or nail polish.

Here’s what you may find in your Superberry.me exclusive edition

• Storyderm Mask: In stem cell, red ginseng, collagen, E.G.F. Coenzyme
10, vitamin C or Caviar
• Margherita Ghel foam cleanser• Femme Science product: In 2 different types; body polish (200) and
face cleanser (100)
• Sassi topcoat
• Sassi nailfile
• Denman mini brush
• Ghassan hair mask sachet

Also, if you have not known about this already.. 
the VANITY magazine inside the trove is getting better on each issue, 
I love the way they put the article in a compact format, full of information, and many discount coupons!! 
Yay-ness! Not to forget, many useful tips and tricks from fellow bloggers friend and also my take on certain beauty regime. Keep reading yeah!

This month, the lovely duo from The Cambelles share up their tricks.
Get your own trove and find out what are the things they are sharing :)

'Till next month.

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